Hacking is something that has been a problem in PUBG Mobile since the start. At first, there weren’t a lot of hackers in the game because of why players weren’t much bothered by them. However, their number has been slowly increasing day by day and they are now becoming a big headache. After seeing that no serious action was being taken against them, most of the players decided to do something to get the attention of the developers.

Players Get the Attention of Tencent

Players from all over the world are currently visiting the official Instagram and Twitter accounts of PUBG Mobile only to comment about the issue of hackers on the posts. Not only this, but they have also managed to get the attention of the developers through this, and Tencent has just provided a statement about this issue.

According to the developers, their goal has always been to make the game fair and enjoyable for everyone. Furthermore, they confirmed that they are fully aware of some players using cheats in the game, and this is something that “compromises the integrity of the rules.” To prevent people from further using any cheats in the game, Tencent has decided to set a really big punishment for them.

Hackers Will Get A 10-year Ban

Those who will be caught cheating in PUBG Mobile will receive a 10-year ban. Not only this, but the developers have even provided a list of players who were the first one to receive the 10-year ban. Tencent has further asked players to report players using the in-game reporting system. They even want players to report the ones who seem to be using 3rdparty apps. This is a really good step considering the fact that there are various 3rdparty applications that can help in a number of ways, something which totally ruins the concept of fair play.

Although there are some third-party apps that only help with changing the graphics of the game, players should still avoid using them until Tencent confirms whether they are allowed or not. If you continue to use them, then you might even receive the 10-year ban, something which you will not like at all. In any case, many fans are surely relieved after seeing that the developers are now actually doing something about the hackers. Once Tencent is done with the crackdown, we can expect the gameplay experience to become much better.

On the other hand, some other battle royale titles have also become a target of hackers. Apex Legends, the game which was released back in February, has been swarming with hackers recently. Many players have even left the game because their gameplay experience was getting ruined. Although its developers have confirmed that they are trying their best to overcome the issue of hackers, they still haven’t made any progress. Maybe they should follow the footsteps of Tencent and start punishing hackers, in the same way, to prevent them from ruining the game.