Players Unknown Battlegrounds, commonly known as PUBG, is the type of game which you can get addicted to pretty easily. Once you play a match in it, you want to play another one again and again. However, it seems like some countries don’t like the fact that people are getting addicted to this game.

PUBG Banned in Nepal

Recently, Nepal has decided to take some steps to end the addiction of PUBG in the country. The NTA (Nepal Telecommunications Authority) has issued a ban on the game, claiming that it features violent content which has a negative impact on the children. This was done right after the Nepalese police demanded this to happen.

Another reason why this ban took place is that the children are getting addicted to the game to a great extent. Those who play the game are aware of the fact that almost every match is around twenty to thirty minutes long. In addition to this, many players don’t leave the game until they win a match, and they spend hours trying to get a Chicken Dinner.

The NTA, which issued the ban on PUBG in Nepal, basically looks after the internet service providers and network operators of the country. Through their power, they have stopped all downloads of the game, making it impossible for anyone to play the game in the country.

Reason Behind the Ban

Although there have been no claims about any violent incident taking place in the country because of the game, there is something which can be considered a solid reason behind the ban. According to a spokesperson, parents are worried about their children getting addicted to the game. They believe that their addiction to the game is taking them away from their studies and daily work. In the past, there have been many times when parents have showcased such concerns.

In addition to this, PUBG Corporation has also faced some issues in Asia. For those who don’t know, PUBG Mobile is a really popular game in Asia and is almost as popular as Fortnite. However, as the game offers violent content and many children are getting addicted to it, various organizations in India have tried their best to ban the mobile version of PUBG in their country. On the other hand, in the West, the game has enjoyed its popularity without any major hurdles.

What PUBG Corporation Will Do About This?

After seeing what some countries think about the game, PUBG Corporation has decided to take some steps to improve the gameplay experience. They are currently planning to introduce a new system for PUBG Mobile. The new system will basically limit the play time for underage players, something which many parents will want.

In any case, getting banned in a country like Nepal is surely not a good thing for the game and its makers. PUBG Corporation must do something about this issue soon before other countries start banning the game, which is something the developers will not want at all. On the other hand, gamers in Nepal are going to miss playing PUBG for sure.