Fans of PUBG living in Nepal will be glad to hear that the ban which was placed on the game has been finally lifted after a few days. For those who don’t know, PUBG was recently banned in Nepal which left many fans disappointed. The government of the country basically claimed that the game was a threat to the children as they were becoming aggressive because of it. In addition to this, they also claimed that the children were getting so much addicted to the game that they were not properly focusing on their daily routine work.

Nepal’s Metropolitan Crime Division was basically the very organization behind the band. They also ordered the ISP and mobile operators to block all downloads of the game. Even the police were ready to arrest those who would go against the ban. However, it seems that the ban was actually a violation of Article 17 of Nepal’s constitution.

Article 17 of Nepal’s Constitution Was Violated

For those wondering, Article 17 is linked with freedom of expression. The Supreme Court has basically lifted the ban after several advocates came forward to challenge the decision of the government. A petition, which was signed by many advocates, claimed that banning an online game which provides entertainment means going against the freedom of expression. In addition to this, the Supreme Court also claimed that the Nepalese government didn’t provide them enough evidence to support their claims of the game leading to aggression and addiction.

After the ban was lifted, all the ISPs were ordered to unblock PUBG. Those living in Nepal can now download and play the game without worrying about anything. However, we currently don’t know whether the game can get banned again or not. The Nepalese government will surely try to gather as much evidence as they can regarding their claims.

Other Countries Have Also Banned PUBG

Other than Nepal, some other countries have also decided to ban the game. Recently, Iraq banned PUBG because their leaders thought that it was a threat to the moral values of the children living in the country. In addition to this, they also believed that the health and culture of children were also getting badly affected by the game. On the other hand, many organizations in India have succeeded in banning the game in around four cities. 16 people have also been arresting as they were trying to find new ways to play the game.

Although the last few weeks may have been a little rough for PUBG, its developers have managed to make tons of money in the previous year. It was reported that PUBG Corp generated a total of $920 million in 2018. The game is still going strong in the rest of the world, and its popularity is increasing greatly day by day. Hopefully, we will not get to see another country banning the game.