It all started with a book. The author of the novel Battle Royale, Kōshun Takami, may be relatively unknown, but his work is cult since the eponymous Japanese film from 2000 paved the way to one of the most popular genre.

In a dystopian future version of Japan, a complete school class is stunned on a harmless trip and wakes up on an island again. There, the students are confronted with the demand to kill each other up to the last man. Only the one, surviving student gets away with freedom and thus his life.

Nobody suspected that this quite serious background would be the model for one of the currently most popular genres in the video game sector. All currently available on the market Battle Royale games work on the same principle.

This is how Battle Royale games (also called Last Man Standing) work:

You will be dropped with dozens of opponents over a game area and you must survive. The gameplay sounds simple. However, to be successful, you can follow different game styles and tactics in each genre rep.

In general, you end up almost naked and defenseless in the game area. You have to collect the equipment, weapons, and bandages first. Here speed and awareness is needed. To prevent the players lurk on opponents at certain map points, the freely accessible game world is regularly reduced. Those outside this safe area suffer continuous damage.

What’s up at PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds?

The forefather of the Battle Royale genre, Brendan Greene, is primarily responsible for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). As early as 2011 Greene developed a Battle Royale Mod for ArmA 2, two years later for ArmA 3.


With PUBG “PlayerUnknown” created his own vision of a Battle Royale shooter, which made the genre suitable for mass production and caused a gigantic hype. In contrast to its biggest competitor Fortnite, PUBG is much more realistic. Instead of colorful comic graphics dominate in PUBG “real” landscapes. Also, the map is much larger than in Fortnite: Battle Royale. This is compensated by the possibility to use vehicles, with which players can move much faster.

Thus, PUBG differs from other genre representatives: In contrast to other competitors are currently 4 maps in PUBG playable. The first map, Erangel, offers a lot of green, while the Map Miramar simulates a desert region. The other two maps are Sanook & Vikendi.

In PUBG, you can individually reinforce your found weapons and add new modifications that you can take from your fallen opponents. These modifications improve the sight, handling and range of the weapons.

Who can play PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds?

If you’re looking for a realistic Battle Royale style shooter, you will not miss PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Many weapon modifications, a gigantic map that you can cross with vehicles – tacticians with a penchant for complex military simulations over the age of 18 will get their money’s worth in PUBG.