We all are currently aware of how popular battle royale games such as PUBG, Apex Legends, and Fortnite have become. Millions of people are playing them every day, and that number is just increasing day by day. However, one person is trying to make the whole concept of the battle royale into a reality.

Real Life Battle Royale Event

According to a post on Hush Hush, there is a person who is currently tired of playing the battle royale games digitally and he now wants to make a real-life version of it. The person is currently looking for people who can help him with making this dream come true. He also wants to acquire a private island where he can host the battle royale.

The person wants his real-life battle royale event to be an amazing one. Because of this, he claimed that the event will be 3 days long and people will stay active in it for 12 hours a day. In addition to this, just like how it happens in the game, around 100 people will be taken to the island where the real-life battle royale will take place.

The Prize of The Event

For those who are interested in knowing what people will get out of participating in this event, the prize money is quite amazing. According to the person, the last man standing in the event will receive a prize of £100,000 along with some other stuff. Although he didn’t reveal what other people will get out of the event, we can surely expect the top 5 to get some prize too.

The real-life version of the battle royale will not include any real guns or any actual killing of course. Instead, people will be able to use airsoft guns and they will have to wear special touch-sensitive Armor. Along with this, they will be given some other safety equipment so that nothing goes wrong during the event.

How to Apply for The Event

People who are interested in helping the person with creating a real-life battle royale event can visit the Hush Hush’s Website to apply. If you get selected, then you will be paid £1,500 a day, which is quite a fair amount of money. If the person manages to gather everything he needs, then it will take him around six weeks to complete the project. He will of course, make a lot of money out of this event too.

The idea of a real-life battle royale does sound interesting. We have never seen anything like this before and it will be interesting to see how the guy who posted about this manages to pull it off. If not anyone, then fans of battle royale games such as PUBG and Fornite are going to eagerly wait for it to happen. If you are someone who loves to create havoc in the battle royale games, then you should sign up for this to have an experience of a lifetime.