In Noevember, Google announced its new Project Stream, application that will allow you to play video games via streaming through the Chrome browser on PC. For the first tests that will take place from tomorrow, Google has partnered with Ubisoft for Beta testers to run  Assassin’s Creed Odyssey it ended a few days ago and now we wait the announcement what will Google has stored for us.

The idea of ​​playing through streaming is not new, and there are already services in the Google competition such as GeForce NVIDIA and  PlayStation Now, which allows users to play their favorite video games without a console through the Internet, and they are not new the main problems that arise with this feature.

No more consoles?

The main difficulty of this service is the input lag or delay that exists between the player pressing the buttons of his command until the desired actions are carried out on the screen. For single player video games, it has been shown to be a salvageable obstacle , with an imperceptible lag input on most occasions, but not in multiplayer videogames.

To be able to use this service it is required that the user has a decent internet connection that allows to overcome this difficulty, however, it is still necessary to see how Project Stream behaves in multiplayer games.

You also have to see, being necessary the Chrome browser to use Project Stream, how much ram memory will be needed to run the service is not known. We believe that it will be a lot since the Google Chrome browser is well known for devouring a large percentage of the available ram in our computers.

The technology of streaming services has evolved in a frenetic way in recent years , so that this new service will probably be perfected in a very short time, raising the possibility of the end of the physical consoles as we know them a few years from now.

No more Hardware for eSports?

If these videogame services via streaming end up being a reality, in a few years we would be in a scenario where professional players would not have to worry about having a powerful hardware that allows them to have advantages over their rivals, since everyone would be playing on equal terms through streaming services. They would only have to worry about having a stable internet connection in online competitions, something that continues to worry today, as Internet service providers still do not seem to understand that there are people who make their living through the internet, needing a stable connection 24 hours a day, with the same importance as electricity.

Only time will tell how all these new technologies evolve and what is the last word of video game developers and video game consoles companies. We might not see big changes now but in the years to come don’t be surprised if you see a PC without an accessory hardware.