League of Legends (LoL) , MOBA of Riot Games is focused on teamwork, but there are many individual errors of the players that can be avoided in ranked queues. Some oversights with the mechanics of the game, positioning in Summoner’s Rift and even in the settings of the game can undermine the strategy of the team. Here are five things you should never do when playing competitive matches.

Enter bushes without vision

Avoid entering bushed without eyesight. Use sentries and skills to check for the presence of champions or traps. The tip is important as it is common for players to hide in blind spots on the map to set ambushes and knock down unprepared opponents. Wards are extremely inexpensive, so do not skip on buying them. Controlling the map is halfway to victory.

Engaging Epic Monsters with no information

The epic monsters, that are: Elemental Dragons, Old Dragon, Baron Nashor and Rift Herald, are goals of immense importance in Summoner’s Rift. By promoting bonuses relevant to players, they are naturally stronger and more resilient than other creatures. So teams may take some time to defeat them. Only start battles against epic monsters when you know the position of the opposing jungler. Knowing the location of the other team’s jungler reduces the odds of unforeseen and unnecessary team fights.

Fixed builds

Builds are not ready recipes for any kind of situation. The purchase of items will depend on numerous factors like matchups, chosen champions, selected compositions and situation in the match. It is necessary to assess allies, potential adversaries and general objectives before choosing the right equipment. For this, it is enough to study the characteristics of the items and to understand their functionalities. The full list can be accessed at the game’s official website.

Playing with a small screen

Playing with a small screen is one of the main difficulties encountered by beginners. It is hard to get used to, and is surely not worth spending time and patience playing in low dimensions. The trapped screen limits the player’s view in every way: it disrupts the casting of long-distance skill shots and summoner spells such as teleportation and flash, harms the farm, leaves the champion more susceptible to ganks and limits the sight of enemy movement.

You don’t have to master every hero

Attempting to specialize in multiple champions at the same time is a mistake for users who are interested in climbing quickly in ranked ranks. Mastering the mechanics, skill kit, and playing style of a particular champion takes a lot of time. Therefore, it is preferable to delve into two or three champions to gain competitive advantage. Unlike professional championships, where pro players need to know all possible matchups, on the ground that specialization is a plus.

So these are the practices that we find you should avoid doing in the game. If you have something more in mid feel free to express your opinions in the comments section.