Overwatch players are currently eagerly waiting for the new in-game seasonal event to arrive. The event is titled as “Storm Rising” and is scheduled to go live on April 16. It is going to feature some challenges for players to complete, along with some new content.

Since the announcement of the upcoming event, the developers have teased new skins which will be added in the game through the event. And now, players will be glad to know that three new skins have been revealed which will be released with the event.

The three new skins are titled as Deadlock McCree, Formal 76, and High Roller Hammond. Here is a short glimpse of them.

Deadlock McCree

The official Twitter account of Overwatch recently revealed the new skin for McCree. According to the tweet, the new skin is titled as Deadlock, and it is linked with the time he spent with an Outlaw Gang. In addition to this, this new skin will be classified as “Legendary.”

Formal 76

The second skin which was revealed through Overwatch’s official Twitter account is Formal 76, designed especially for Solider: 76. The skin links to his military background, as it showcases his formal uniform. The new skin also shows off all his awards and medals. Just like McCree’s skin, this one will be classified as “Legendary” as well.

High Roller Hammond

This new skin was announced by the official PlayStation Twitter account. According to the tweet, the new skin is for Hammond and is titled as “High Roller.” The skin features a new colour scheme and a few other changes to the character’s Wrecking Ball. Although it does not bring any changes to the character itself, it is still something fans are excited for.

Each of the above-mentioned skin will be acquired through the event loot boxes. In addition to this, those who want to get their hands on the skins are quickly as possible can simply go ahead and purchase them from the in-game store once they are available.

Previously Revealed Skins

Three days ago, a few other skins were also revealed by the developers. According to them, Junkrat, along with Overwatch’s newest character, Bapsite are also going to get new skins through the upcoming event. The first skin is titled as Circus Junkrat and will be a circus outfit featuring a light blue, bright purple, and white colour scheme. On the other hand, the second skin will be titled as Talon Bapsite, and it will feature a black, red, and white colour scheme.

The new in-game seasonal event is just around the corner, but there is still a slight chance that the developers might reveal some more skins before the event goes live. With the addition of the three new skins, the total number of skins revealed for the upcoming event are now six. It will be surely exciting to see what the event is further going to bring to the game.