After dismissing so many employees let’s see which Blizzard titles will be affected:

Heroes of the Storm

This instability and employee cuts have added to the problems that have been dragging several titles of the company for some time. Blizzard Activision, is not happy with the results of some of them, and has taken strong offensive actions. The clearest case has been his decision to completely eliminate the esports branch of Heroes of the Storm, with the aim of not losing money in a game focused on the competitive but that has never had the necessary support from Blizzard.

Destiny 2

Bungie, the developer of the Destiny franchise  has published a web release announcing that it separates its path with Activision . The studio takes Destiny 2 from the clutches of its former distributor to have more freedom and get away from the disaster that now looks like Activision Blizzard. This is a clear victory for Bungie but an important defeat for Activision, which adds another bad news in this time of shadows.


The new jewel in the studio’s crown has not achieved the goals that were expected. Yes, Overwatch League is the most professional competition and with the best production in the world of esports , but he has not managed to dethrone its rivals. In fact, there is some uncertainty about the impact that Season 2 of the OWL will have, vital for the future of the title.

The Overwatch community has not stopped showing its discontent with the management by Blizzard. Although their global league has its full support, tier 2 and 3 suffer their abandonment. The cuts came to Contenders , where there are now fewer teams and fewer prizes and where it is not known if they will continue to celebrate face-to-face finishes.


Hearthstone’s players have long been asking for substantial changes that never arrived. This title does not stop losing players in pursuit of other cooler card games, such as Magic: The Gathering Arena , which ranks as its biggest competitor in 2019.


The followers of the Diablo saga are the ones who are going to pay the most for the broken plates of the patent disconnection between Blizzard and its public . In the BlizzCon of 2018, Diablo Immortal was announced, a game for smartphones that did not take long to rain criticism. After the many rumors that pointed to the announcement of Diablo 4, the company carried out its worst movement in recent years.

In addition, they also stated that they already worked in other mobile titles, which earned them a shower of memes and complaints that demonstrate this lack of understanding with their own clients that they have reached.

Call Of Duty

Finally, although it is true that Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 has been a sales success, users complain that the game has been filled with microtransactions added after the launch. It was a wise move to approach the battle royale genre, but they have not been slow to stain what is the freshest delivery of the franchise of recent years.