Overwatch players will be glad to know that a big change is coming to ranked matches soon. That’s right, players will finally get to see role queue on live servers. For those who don’t know this, this queue has been available on the PTR since July 18 and will be finally making its way to the live servers.

Role Queue Beta Season

The role queue will be available in both Competitive and Quick Play starting from August 13th. However, there will be first a Role Queue Beta season which will end on September 1. This is because Blizzard wants to make sure that whether this feature is working properly on the live servers or not. Once the beta season comes to an end, the competitive season 18 will also start. So, if everything goes as planned and the role queue works flawlessly, then it will stay for the upcoming competitive seasons.

You Might Need to Wait for A Little Longer

One thing to keep in mind here is that there are going to be two tanks, two offensive, and two support characters in every match. The role queue feature will allow you to choose what role you want in the match. Once you do that, you will be placed in a queue in which no player has chosen that role. Although you will get to play the role you want, you might have to wait a little longer than usual to find a match.

The reason behind this is that there can be times when more players are trying to play with a specific role. For example, if more players are trying to play with support characters, then they will have to wait longer than those players who are trying to play as some other role. So, the more players trying to play with the role you want, the longer you will need to wait to get into a match.

Your Numbers Were Being Tracked

Blizzard has also been busy tracking how players have been performing with their roles. They have been tracking their numbers, so they don’t have to do this once the beta season starts. You don’t have to worry about your skill ratings as there won’t be a lot of difference between them. However, if you perform poorly with a certain role and not with others, then we can’t say anything. For this, you will have to wait and see for yourself once the season starts.

In the past few months, Overwatch’s developers are introducing new features for their game. In the month of July, Blizzard introduced a new cheat detection system on the Public Test Realm. This was done to overcome the issue of cheaters in the game. The new cheat detection system basically shuts down a match whenever it detects some cheating. However, the best thing about this is that no player, except for the one who was cheating, is penalized for the match getting shut down suddenly.