Overwatch is the type of game which requires your full focus if you want to win the game. While looking out for different things during a match, you also must understand various sounds. However, it seems like one Overwatch streamer has managed to achieve something we have never seen before.

An Overwatch streamer who goes by the name Maxim76 has managed to make it to the top 500 players leader board. For those who don’t know, the streamer is actually deaf, and he still managed to achieve this ranking without relying on any sounds.

We all are aware of the fact that we have to keep our ears open as Overwatch has different sound cues and we just can’t play without them. However, the streamer still made it to the 482nd spot on the leader board, which is quite impressive. In addition to this, his skill rating is also more than 4000, indicating that he is not an ordinary Overwatch player.

You must be wondering how Maxim76 managed to achieve something big like this without relying on sounds. Well, those who are deaf or have a hard time with hearing basically depend on two things. First, they learn the unique and different patterns of the game, something which is quite not so difficult. Secondly, they keep on hitting the tab button from time to time to check the live stats of the match.

In addition to this, another player who is deaf and plays Overwatch decided to give some tips to deaf players. He claimed that it is best to utilize characters which are more team-based, and not tanks, as this will make things much easier. Such characters basically include Brigitte, Mercy, and Reaper. The reason why tanks are considered to be a bad choice for deaf players is that they are the kind of characters who require a lot of communication.

The recent achievement of Maxim76 indicates that regardless of your abilities, you can still enjoy your favourite games to the fullest if you are dedicated enough. In the coming months or years, we might even see such players playing for professional Esports teams.

Overwatch New Skins

Overwatch is also going to get a Seasonal in-game event on April 16 titled as “Storm Rising.” The developers revealed that players are going to be able to get new skins from the special loot boxes which will be featured in the upcoming event.

The first skin is titled as “Talon Baptiste” which is made for the newest character of Overwatch, Baptiste. The skin has a black, red, and white colour scheme, and it looks impressive. The second skin is for Junkrat and is titled as “Circus Junkrat.” As its name suggests, it will be a circus outfit and will be an Epic level skin. As for its colour scheme, the Circus Junkrat is going to be a mixture of light blue, bright purple, and white.