A lot of Overwatch leakers say that the second version of the game, Overwatch 2 is very likely to be released early in the next year. A tweet by a famous Overwatch streamer, Metro, says that the sequel of the game is most likely to come out in February of next year. The tweet also mentions that the second part of the game will come out, coinciding with Blizzcon 2021. 

Metro with his former predictions

Metro also had a former prediction about the reveal of Overwatch 2 before Blizzcon 2019. The prediction also had an idea of a new hero coming to the game, Ashe. This time, the professional also makes a prediction about the upcoming sequel of the game. According to Metro, the next season of the Overwatch League has a chance to get delayed until next April. He makes this prediction as he thinks that this will give a chance to the developers to ensure the season to come out before or after the new game. Similarly, the professional says that BlizzCon 2021 can offer a surprise drop to the fans with a beta or a full version of the sequel of the game.

Some other Hints

Other than the prediction accuracy by Metro, there are other signs that hint at the release of the game in the upcoming year. In January of this year, PlayStation Brazil drops a tweet that 2020 is going to be the year when Overwatch 2 comes to PlayStation4. However, the company removes the tweet from the website. This happened before the Coronavirus pandemic, due to which Blizzard had to delay their annual press conference that takes place in November usually. The BlizzCon 2020 also got to an online-based tournament. The next BlizzCon 2021 is now going to take place in February next year.

The Press Conference

A lot of fans had their predictions about the annual press conference by Blizzard. We can easily assume that the organization had plans to reveal the second part of the game. Fans also came up with multiple predictions about the delaying of the event and the sequel of the game. It is highly possible that due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the developers didn’t get enough chance to work at full pace and the development got slow. Similarly, it looks like the development team of the game is taking full advantage of the few extra months it got from the pandemic to ensure the best release in the game. One way or another, Overwatch fans should keep their eyes open to any news coming out in the upcoming months.

With a lot of professionals making predictions about the release of the second part of Overwatch and the incident in January, we can expect a sequel of the game coming out very soon. If you are an Overwatch fan, keep your eyes on any kind of official news by the developers. It is highly expected that the organization will announce the sequel with BlizzCon 2021.