The Overwatch Contenders is basically is a popular series of Overwatch tournaments organized by Blizzard Entertainment itself. These tournaments are considered to be one of the best ones out there as many new amazing players emerge from them.

Locations of The Pacific and Atlantic

Recently, the organizers revealed some important details regarding the upcoming Pacific and Atlantic Showdowns. For those who don’t know, both showdowns are a part of the Overwatch Contenders tournaments. According to Blizzard, the Pacific is going to be held in Shanghai, China, while the Atlantic is going to be held in Krefeld, Germany.

Dates of The Pacific and Atlantic

In addition to this, Blizzard also decided to reveal the dates for the upcoming showdown tournaments. The Pacific is going to take place from May 24 to May 26. For those wondering, six teams are going to participate in this tournament. This includes one team from Contenders Pacific, one from Australia, two from China, and two from Korea.

On the other hand, the Atlantic is going to be held from May 31 to June 2. Just like the Pacific showdown, six teams are going to participate in the Atlantic. There will be three teams from North America, one from South America, and two teams from Europe.

Format of The Showdowns

Both the Pacific and the Atlantic showdowns are going to feature the much-popular Double Elimination format. During the early matches, the first team to win three maps will proceed to the next match. In the finals, however, the first team to win four maps will be considered as the winner. In addition to this, the winner from each showdown will be given a spot in the Gauntlet, which is currently scheduled to be held in October.

At the moment, we don’t know where the Gauntlet is going to take place. There have been numerous rumors about where it will be held, but nothing can be considered to be true until Blizzard officially confirms it. However, back in November 2018, there was an announcement by Blizzard claiming that the Gauntlet will be held somewhere in the U.S. Although the post was instantly taken down, we still got a good idea about the location.

10 Teams Will Participate in The Gauntlet

In any case, around 10 teams are going to participate in the Gauntlet. All these teams will be selected on the base of how well they perform in a showdown tournament of their region. Currently, we have some amazing teams which are going to participate in the upcoming showdown tournaments, so it will be exciting to see how things go down.

The main purpose of these showdown tournaments has always been to find the hidden talent throughout the world. They are the type of tournaments through which many players get a chance to showcase their skills to the world. The best thing about them is that they help in bringing the best teams from every region to compete with other teams on the world stage.