Overwatch League has been struggling to keep the viewership it once had. For those who don’t know, the league’s viewership has been declining since the past few weeks. The reason behind this is unknown. Maybe players are starting to get bored with the league and have listed their interest in it. And it seems like this is something which Blizzard Entertainment cannot afford at all since they are coming up with new ways to save the viewership.

Blizzard to Hire Streamers

Recently, it was revealed that Blizzard Entertainment is planning to partner up with companies such as StreamLabs and StreamElements to increase the viewership of the Overwatch League. This decision has been made after a report came to the surface claiming that the league’s viewership is bleeding. We have seen the same happening with some other games. Some of them have managed to get their viewership back, while the rest are still struggling.

Blizzard is basically going to work with some streamers, but they need to be qualified for the role. For instance, they are looking for streamers who are brand-safe for broadcast. In addition to this, those who are currently in the Overwatch professional sector will be a priority as they can easily drive audience to the league. And oh, if a streamer is based in the United States, that will be even better.

Blizzard Has Been Using Twitch Bounty System

On the other hand, a Fortnite Player who Ryan “Chap” Chaplo revealed something interesting about what Blizzard has been doing recently. According to him, the company has been using Twitch bounty system to give a boost to Overwatch League viewership. For those wondering, the Twitch bounty system is where streamers are paid for transferring their viewers to another channel. This helps with increasing the viewership of the other channel.

What Will Happen?

At the moment, we currently don’t whether this is going to be successful or not. However, this does confirm that Blizzard is not sure about the future of Overwatch League. If they are taking such steps to save the viewership, then they must be prepared for the worst too. In the past month, we saw that Apex Legends viewership was also slowly decreasing on Twitch. However, its developers improved the game to such an extent that it has slowly starting to gain the viewership it once lost. Maybe Blizzard can follow their footsteps and they might get the same results.

It is yet to be revealed which streamers are going to partner up with Blizzard to help them overcome this problem. If they manage to hire some good streamers who have a huge fan following, then they might get successful in their mission after all. Hiring unprofessional streamers is only going to make things worse for them. In any case, all we can do is wait and see whether this is going to save Overwatch League’s viewership or not.