Those who follow FIFA tournaments know that the participating teams usually comprises of the best pack of players available, having consistently implausible stats, in the Ultimate Team mode. These are the players who have better stats compared to their base cards. So, without any restriction that which cards can the teams use for tournaments, we see almost same players in each team, e.g. Messi, Ronaldo, Mbappe, etc.

Seeing this, for the final two qualifiers of the season, Electronic Arts has added squad restrictions in an attempt to counter this kind of situation. It will mean that the professionals cannot just select best players available to fill their team in a bid to qualify for the FIFA 19 Global Series Playoffs and eventually the grand event of FIFA eWorld Cup 2019.

The Restrictions

There will now be a choice between haves or have not’s and all the top notch players won’t be seen in one team now. Under this new rule, a team can only have maximum two icon card players, in addition to that they can have one 95+ rated non-icon player, one 90-94 rated non-icon player while the rest of the team needs to have a rating of 89 or lower.

Community Reaction

On a larger scale, this decision has been appreciated by majority of the FIFA community. They hope that this decision will make the matches more interesting as the team fielded by a professional player would look quite close to the one of an average FUT player. This will really test the nerves of the players, nonetheless players have said that an improbable team could still be put together under these new rules.

Still everyone’s not happy with the new EA policy. Though they admit that it is a good step towards the betterment of the game but they have raised their concerns over the timing of the adjustment. The problem at this point is that this new policy has annulled the hard work put in by the players to build their teams since FIFA 19 came out. A London based FIFA pro “Ryan Pessoa” called it a move backwards.

Ryan Pessoa (@hashtagryan_) said that there was a long time between the qualifiers so players might have invested some money to improve their squad. And putting this surprising rule in March is pointless, will the players get their spent money back? He added that it is demoralizing for players who spent a lot of time earning coins to build a good enough team for competitions.

Setting Competition

Keeping in view all these apprehensions, the new policy shows that things are going in the right direction, as FIFA pro players will now think twice before making their teams by getting more original and throwing away all the icon players (except two) they had grinded for over the months. The fans are now thinking if there are more changes to come to make FUT more competitive, and if these squad restrictions could be placed on the Weekend League as well.