Twitch Rivals hosted a Fortnite tournament during TwitchCon 2019. We got to see some really popular Fortnite players and streamers during it. One of them was NICKMERCS, who was apparently one of the biggest names to compete in the tournament. However, his experience during the tournament wasn’t as great as he expected it to be since he ran into some troubles during it.

Issues Faced By NICKMERCS

NICKMERCS was competing at the Twitch Rivals Fortnite Showdown Trios event. However, the latter faced some in-game issues that prevented him from playing his best. The issues started taking place right after the first game, and he didn’t waste any time in telling the admins about them. According to the streamer, he was told that he will be given a chance to change his in-game settings during a practice match that will be held before the finals.

However, this didn’t happen since no practice match was held before the finals. Because of this, Nick had to fix some of the technical issues during the first round of the finals, something he didn’t like at all. He claimed that it wasn’t a practice game, it was a real game. He even added that he had no audio when he was landing.

Controller Issue

Another issue faced by the streamer was the keyboard. Every person who watches NICKMERCS on Twitch knows that the latter plays with a controller attached to a PC. However, during the tournament, the admins had to use a keyboard to fix the audio, something which made the game think that he was using a keyboard. This prevented him from building through the controller.

Nick Says He’ll Leave the Event

Thankfully, his problems were fixed for the final three games. However, the streamer was really furious, and he even claimed that he will leave the tournament if any more issues take place. “I swear to god though if it happens again and they don’t restart it for me, not to be dramatic, but I’m dipping.” He continued, “I didn’t come here to get f**ked like that.”

Although the issues were fixed, this is still something to worry about. Issues like these ruins the experience of many players, something which doesn’t portray a really positive image of the event. Twitch Rivals should check everything before the tournament begins to make sure that no one faces any issues during their matches. In any case, NICKMERCS and his teammates, SypherPK and NateHill didn’t manage to win the event. Pika, Rhux, and Tina were the ones who walked away with the first prize.

On the other hand, Fortnite fans are currently looking forward to seeing season 11. The current one, season x, will conclude after a few days. Once it is over, fans can expect to see a brand-new season filled with exciting new content. Some even think that the next season is going to f