Rainbow Six Siege, a game that was released in December of 2015, has exponentially expanded and showed success where more than 60 million players played the game all across the platforms. Rainbow Six Siege is Ubisoft’s tactical online shooter which evolved in such a bespoke fashion that it continued to attract more ’fans’ thus expanding its database as well as growing in popularity, reaching the apex of success. The game was built on the ideology of “a strong vision of creativity, competitiveness and team play” and after five years, the game has been launched on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and has more than 60 million players-which continue to skyrocket as everyday advances. 

What to offer?

The dynamics of Rainbow Six Siege is based on a first-person shooter that solely relies on teamwork in the game. The fundamentals of the game are won through team cooperation and its features include the destruction of the surroundings and the environment. There is a team of attackers and defenders in Rainbow Six Siege, where each player has to take control of the unique operator in order to beat the enemy team. Unique operator helps in gaining a competitive edge over the enemy team, thus increasing the chances of winning the game. There are also multiple game modes that this game has to offer like bonus defuse, hostage reuse, or being in charge of different aspects of the game.

The exponential growth of Rainbow Six Siege

Since the launch of Rainbow Six Siege in December of 2015, there have been eighteen different seasons with unique objectives and modified versions of the game for their audience. Generally, after every season either it would be a new map or rework of an old map, but a minimum of two new operators would be introduced. In this day and age, Siege is in its second season called Operation Steel Wave having a total of 56 operators, which players can choose from either attacking or in defense of it and has different game modes with 20 different maps to play with.

The tactical shooter of Ubisoft won an Australian Award in the category of ‘Esports Title of the Year’. Siege has multiple nominations including evolving game, best multiplayer game, best evolving game, and many more. These nominations created a great extrinsic motivation for the developer of the game because as time advances, they continue to make unique content that is not likely to be offered in the market. Continuing on these lines of thoughts, Rainbow Six Siege is rapidly growing in the esports scene, having its leagues created in Europe, Asia, and North America.

The top teams of this game meet annually for a sturdy sum of money which can be up to $3000. Such an amount was offered in February of Six Innovation 2020, which was then divided amongst the 16 teams. The winner of the event was Spacestation Gaming and they took a hefty amount of $1,000,000 back to their homes.