As soon as FIFA 19 was released by EA Sports, the player who conceded a goal does not seem to be accepting it. They immediately throw their controller away in frenzy while yelling that it is scripted or there is some sort of a bug in the game.

With FIFA 20 going to be released in a few months’ time, most of the players genuinely believe that the game has a scheduled script in working. A famous twitch streamer from Charlottesville, FutEconomist (@FUT_Economist) posted a poll on his twitter handle about the same. More than 20,000 people voted and with over 14,000 people voted that EA Sports FIFA 19 is really fixed, while 16 % thought that it is not really fixed while 10% were not sure about it.

Most of the people ask that how is it possible to script a game which is totally dependent a player handling the match. But other people think that the game is developed to influence a match by fraudulently altering some areas of the game, for example, improving the Artificial Intelligence and/ or altering the difficulty level.

In September 2018, there was a guy who shared a clip, which went viral instantly, on FIFA subreddit forum of one of the games he was playing on FIFA 19 Ultimate Team. It was 1-1 on the scorecard when he attacked from left and whipped in an excellent through ball to James Maddison, who successfully managed to get to the end of it as well.

The Leicester City forward, after receiving the ball went for a screamer with his left foot which hit the woodwork, it was Marcus Rashford on the rebound trying his luck and that too came off the pole. Lucas Moura rushed in to collect the ball and take a shot on goal, but all in vain as it too hit the pole. Before defending Goalie collected the ball safely. With the third failed attempt on the goal, his team went on to lose the game 2-1 making the situation worse.

Later, EA Sports producer Sam Rivera was asked whether it is true that FIFA is scripted and it makes one of the team lose the game on purpose, he responded with a denial and told the Dream Team representative that they do not have any reason to do it. Their job is to understand the concepts of football and then integrate it into the game with as much detail as possible.

He gave an example, that if you ask Cristiano Ronaldo to take a shot and hit the left corner of the woodwork all the time, he would not be able to do that and there are many reasons justifying his act which prevents him from being perfect. It could be pressure, or the positioning of the ball or may be his weaker foot. There are a lot of possibilities that they try in the demo and assimilate it in the game later.

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