League of Legends: Wild Rift adds a huge variety of Champions into the game before the open beta testing. The testing schedules for the end of this month. Fans were already waiting for this new addition to the game. The recent Champions include Draven, Evelynn, Darius, Kai’Sa, Akali, and the next League of Legends Champion Seraphine. 

All of these Champions will enter the game and fans will be able to use them for a limited time. Fans won’t be able to use these Champions until the game’s next stage of beta. 

Modified Skills in the Mobile Version

Champions in the Wild Rift possess similar abilities as their League of Legends’ skills. However, there are few amendments that the company took out, in order to suit the mobile platform. For example, earlier this week, a new Champion came to the Wild Rift. Players saw the addition of Lee Sin in the Wild Rift’s pool. However, they quickly noticed that the Champion’s Ward Jumping ability is not in the Wild Rift. League makes these ability amendments very carefully to suit the mobile version of the game. 

As these new six Champions enter the Wild Rift, the complete Champion pool for the game now reaches 49. This kind of pool for a closed beta phase of the game is highly impressive.

Open Beta Version

At the end of this month, Wild Rift enters the open beta version. However, the new version will only be accessible to the players in regions that had access to the closed beta version. Riot is currently planning to roll out Wild Rift in further divisions in the upcoming days. By the end of this year, the game will be available in different regions of the world. Currently, Riot focuses on moving Wild Rift to Europe, Oceania, Taiwan, and Vietnam. The company shares its plans to do so by December.

U.S. Players

As Riot is going to make the game move internationally by the end of this year, the organization does not have good news for the US players at the moment. The organization says that the US players will have to wait until 2021 to get their hands on Wild Rift. To have a look at the gameplay on iOS, players can actually tune in the Verizon’s Wild Rift Invitational. This invitational comes on the Twitch Rivals channel or on Twitter on October 22. 

League of Legends is doing a pretty well job of uplifting the scene for Wild Rift. With the release of six new Champions in the scene, Wild Rift is definitely going to do wonders. The game is still in a closed beta version, but as it hits the open beta, the community is not going to waste a single second. The US fans of the game are not happy as they are going to miss a lot of fun. Riot plans to move the game on worldwide servers and it will be available everywhere around next year.