There are more similar games than LoL, and we could substitute it for something else, but for some reasons, we still stayed and played LoL for years. But why?

There are several reasons for this; let’s have a look at why the League of Legends can tie us after so many years and years of change, even though countless other games have appeared. Riot always has something to bring people back to play again and again.

Variety of heroes in LoL

9 years ago no one would have thought that Riot Games would be able to keep the game fresh, especially in the field of heroes. In the early years, we could choose only 40 champions, nowadays it is already over 140. Of course, this also means that there will be a good chance that there will never be a perfect balance in the game, with so many variables this is almost impossible. But, at the same time, it means that anyone starts the game-no matter what your thinking or attitude, you will almost certainly find at least one – or more – champions with whom you can be satisfied during the game.


Credits: Redbull

It’s easy to start, difficult to master

LoL is brilliant in this respect. Many people say they come from other MOBA games that LoL is too easy and easy to learn. While on the basics this may be true, the game itself does not. At first, you will meet simple opponents who do not even know the game so well and we really think it’s not too difficult. As we move up the ladder, we get more and more experienced and skillful opponents and soon realize that there is still plenty of learning and everyone wants to be better.

Competitive environment

There are many multiplayer games, but somehow there will not be any e-sports like LoL. Here we can keep track of exactly where we are on the ladder. We also see what other acquaintances are doing, and suck ranking system will inadvertently give us a fundamental competitive spirit. There will be people who just play fun and ranked quite lower, but the majority will probably try to reach the top.


Credits: Riot Games

Sooner or later we will win

There is a pretty complex matchmaking system that is arguably not perfect but it still works. After a bit of time and a few matches, it defines our individual skills more accurately and accordingly searches for opponents. If it is too hard for a while, the game will “lighten up”, meaning that we are reunited with opponents who can overcome and win the match.

There is no end to League of Legends

There is no ultimate goal that we can achieve and say that we have done everything in the game. You can always evolve, develop new strategies, learn new heroes, and because of the continuous patch system, nothing is constant, like our rank, so there’s always a reason to return.