The coach of the League of Legends (LoL) is very important to the success of pro players and their teams. The role of technician, who has gained notoriety in esports over the years, is now part of the the success of any organization. Let’s have a look at the main responsibilities of the head coach in the game of League of Legends, during official matches.

Coaching in eSports

Like traditional sports such as football, volleyball, and basketball, at LoL the coach is responsible for managing a set of athletes. This administration is present at the time of training, during championships and post-game, that is, the professional makes a daily and meticulous follow-up. To our understanding, the main function of a head coach is to be the team’s focal point, to prepare the athletes to act in unity.

In the League of Legends, the coach schedules training, develops game strategies and resolves conflicts. In general, the professional coaches tend to be the link between organization and players. Training and philosophies for the team, like setting training hours, are the autonomy of the head coach.

Coaching in LoL Competitive Landscape

There are several strategies within the competitive that vary from team to team and from start to finish. Siege-focused compositions, split push, team fight, poke, pick off and other natures are put into practice according to each situation. It is the duty of the coach, therefore, to apply training of fundamentals, tactical and collective variations with other organizations. The method is known as ‘scrimming.

At the time of the draft, that is, picks and bans in professional games, the coach needs to put into practice all the training performed with the athletes to override the enemy’s tactics. The coach tries to align the player’s most comfortable choices with the best strategy possible to face certain opponents.

At the end of the drafting phase, the coaches retire from the stage and watch the confrontations behind the scenes without any contact with the athletes. Hence the importance of good communication during this initial stage. The strategies to be adopted in games need to be articulated with clarity and agility.

Coach knows all

There are also the psychological issues involved in the process. Besides the technique, the work also takes into account a whole management of people. Often some results are reflections of the emotional or of some conflict generated by the human factor. Resolving, motivating and acting to eliminate these problems are tasks of the head coach.

Looking at the competitive landscape of League of Legends, the profession has gained importance in recent years. Investments are growing to the point of focusing on commissions to train new athletes. The coach has gained this importance because of the need for greater control over athletes and even someone to take on responsibilities.

The figure of the coach became mandatory in 2016. As early as 2019, Riot Games authorized the registration of two members of the coaching staff per club and their participation, simultaneously, at the time of the draft.