In League of Legends (LoL) , “Backdoor” is the strategy of approaching the enemy base at a time of distraction from the opposing team to overthrow the nexus. Let’s have a look at the  players who have backdoored in League of Legends championships.

Darshan “Darshan” Upadhyaya in 2014

Top laner Darshan, had his moment with Team Dignitas in the second round of the American LCS in 2014. In a match against TSM, the player chose Nasus, little used champion in LoL competitions. Darshan’s dominant role in the top lane gave him enough resources to run the backdoor, avoid TSM protection, and knock down the nexus, securing victory in the first game of the series. Although Dignitas suffered the 3-1 reverse, the series was marked by the great performance of the Darshan in the first game.

Kim “PraY” Jong-in in 2016

One of the best snipers in LoL’s competitive history, South Korean PraY starred in incredible plays during his career and is known for his plays on Ashe. It was exactly with the ice archer that the player executed a backdoor against Longzhu Gaming, in a match valid for the group stage of the LCK in 2016, while still working for ROX Tigers.

At the time, the Longzhu team pressured ROX Tigers on the top lane, while PraY risked leaving the team at a disadvantage, took advantage of Baron Na’Shor’s buff and decided to push the bas. His companions relied on the call and did their best to hold Longzhu. With that, he secured a successful backdoor and the victory for his team.

Fnatic in 2017

A backdoor does not necessarily have to be run by a single player, and Fnatic showed this in the first leg of LCS Europe 2017 in a series against G2 Esports. The Swedish team was at a disadvantage after being defeated in the first game of the best three-game serie and needed the win to stay alive in the series.

With the base of both sides compromised, the top Paul “sOAZ” Boyer with the champion Nautilus was caught on the mid lane and his companions had to make the decision to help him, retreat or perform a backdoor. Thanks to the presence Rasmus “Caps” Winther on Ryze, the team relied on sOAZ and used the Realm Warp to reach the opponent base quickly and knock down the nexus.

Enrique “xPeke” Cedeño in 2013

The game between Fnatic and SK Gaming in the group stage of the IEM Global Challenge Katowice 2013 is possibly the best game when it comes to backdoor. The team that won the match would qualify for the playoffs of the competition, and the match passed the 50 minutes on the clock.

At that time, xPeke, with his Kassadin, made the play. In a lost teamfight of Fnatic, he managed to hide, use the teleportation and arrive at the enemy base, where he did just enough to get one of the biggest wins for his team.