League of Legends (LoL) , MOBA from Riot Games , always receives content updates and balancing. The patches change the champions, the metagame and make different strategies can be effective during the matches. Knowing these tactics is critical to a player’s performance and can help him or her rise. Controlling troop waves, mastering the map view for spin and invading the enemy jungle at the right times are simple and basic strategies that are also used by tournament professionals. Here are five ways you can help improve your rankings in Summoner’s Rift.

Wave Control

Controlling the waves of minions in your lane can ensure a lot of advantage over the opponent. One of the ways to control the troops to secure their resources until they annul the enemy’s farm is the Freezing tactic, the act of freezing the movement of the minions. That is, you will not push the lane to the enemy tower and will only execute the last attack on the soldiers. Thus, the small minion wave will be eliminated quickly and you will be able to accumulate gold safely.

Generally, freezing waves is an option when the opposing Jungler is pressing or when you are in an unfavorable fight. Although this tactic can be easily executed with a double-edged sword because if you leave the lane to help your Hunter or other teammates, the loss of resources can be enormous. In a different situation, where you want to push your opponent to the tower to help other lanes or return to base, eliminating the minions with speed is the best option to make your opponents lose resources.

Wards can guarantee victories

Investing in vision is an important strategy in the League of Legends. Each player starts with a Warding Totem at the beginning of the match, but it is not enough to control all areas of the map. Spending 75 gold with a Sentry ward can be crucial for securing goals and for the outcome of the match. Keeping one of six free spaces of items to buy a sentry instead of a little more attack or defense may be the best decision to make.

Counter Jungle

Going to the enemy jungle and eliminating the opponent’s jungler or stealing camps from the opponent’s field is a classic League of Legends tactic that was popularized in the second season of the game. The player who chooses this strategy needs to know the game’s champions and paths in the jungle, as well as knowing the right moments to invade and leave alive. Because it is a route with a high power to influence the game, withdrawing resources from the opponent becomes a very attractive idea, but it must be done wisely.

Traps and baits

It is common for League of Legends players to use traps to ensure a favorable fight. One of the ways to ambush enemies is by using a bait, or a bait. The most classic move is to ask the sniper or other fragile character to catch the attention of the enemy team, get away and take him to where his team is hidden. Sometimes even the most experienced players forget to look at the map and fall into strategy.