League of Legends is one of the most popular video games out there. The game is played by millions of players every month with professional teams competing in tournaments hosted in different parts of the world. If you’re someone who has just stared playing LoL or have been playing it for some time, then you would know how much difficult it is to choose a champion.

Champions in League of Legends are basically playable characters. At the moment, there are around 150 champions for players to choose from. This is why it can be somewhat difficult to choose which one to go with. There are some champions that are better than others because of their unique abilities. Choosing the right one will help you become victorious in a match, while the wrong one will make the game difficult for you. Today, we are going to share a list of some of the best champions you should choose from.


The first champion on our list in Renekton. This character has been considered as one of the best ones for beginners by many players. In League of Legends, trading players a really important role. And there are only a few legends other than Renekton who can help new players about it. The thing which players love the most about him is that he has a simple combo that lets him get one step ahead of his opponent. He can use it to even escape difficult situations.


The second champion on our list is Vladimir. This champion is the favorite choice of many, but mostly experienced players use him. This is because Vladimir isn’t the kind of champion that you can master quickly. However, after you spend a few days with him, the latter will definitely become your favorite pick. He is a really powerful battle mage as he can give opponents a really difficult time. He can use his abilities to deal a lot of damage to enemies, and even heal quickly.

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Lee Sin

Another champion on our list that we will suggest for experience players is Lee Sin. For those who don’t know, Lee Sin is a monk who is blind. However, this hasn’t stopped him from becoming one of the greatest warriors out there. The thing which players love the most about him is that his abilities have a secondary cast. The blind monk can prove to be quite useful while clearing camps and ganking. In any case, if you’re willing to spend some time to master a champion, then we will suggest you go with Lee Sin.


The fourth and final champion we will suggest is Caitlyn. This champion is for beginners as she is not that difficult to master. For those who don’t know, Caitlyn is an experienced long-range champion who can give her opponents a really difficult time. The best thing about her is that she has one of the longest ranges in the game, meaning that she can take down her opponents while staying in a safe place.

These were some of the best League of Legends champions to choose form.