Whether in LCS NA (North America), LCS EU (Europe) or LCK (South Korea), the regular seasons have ended and crowned champions will go straight to the World Championships in South Korea.

To clarify, there are two different ways to get to the worlds: the best is to win a major regional league, in which case the team qualifies straight for the World Championship groups. All the other teams will have to go through an additional tournament before reaching the group stage: the Play-In, where the teams of the major regions who are qualified by the points (accumulated over the whole season) and the best teams of the minor regions (Turkey, Brazil …) fight for the qualification of the Worlds. With that being settled let’s have a look at the NA LCS final, where team Liquid has secured their qualification to Worlds after beating Cloud9 3-0 in best of five series.

Team Liquid

Credits: lolesports

Game 1

Known for being exceptional in finals, Doublelift showed up all guns blazing in the first game. The Liquid shooter was essential in the first match of the series by getting four kills and five assists to his name. Even though Cloud9 had a gold advantage throughout the first game. But they just couldn’t stop Doublelift who destroyed the enemy nexus and secure the first victory for Team Liquid.

Game 2

After the first game victory, Liquid ran over Cloud9 in the second game. This time, Team Liquid established the gold advantage early on, after great combo executions by Xmithie and Pobelter. The American star gave a show on his Irelia and Doublelift once again proved clinical for his team. The substitutes of Cloud9, Goldenglue, and Svenskeren were playing in the second but they just couldn’t reply to Liquid’s domination.

Game 3

Hoping to reverse the score, Cloud9 returned with the substitute Jensen for the third showdown. They did well in first half of that match but couldn’t push their advantage. Liquid, on the other hand, presented a perfect team performance. With an exceptional performance from the team support, Olleh. He got 2 kills, 9 assist and 0 deaths. After slaying the Rift Herald later in the game. Cloud9  accumulated a giant advantage and confirmed the title at 40-minute mark.

Team Liquid

Credits: Dailyesports

Liquid reigned supreme during the regular season: They finished the campaign with 12 victories in 18 disputed rounds. In the semifinals, they beat 100 Thieves by three to one. Cloud9 have done an exceptional job throughout the season. Sneaky and his teammates beat Team Solomid before reaching the final. Liquid showed a very solid performance throughout the final, dominating the vision of the whole map and taking control of the different objectives of the Rift. While Cloud9 showed a lot less faith in its player by making substitutions. The team also made very poor choices in the pick and ban phase.

For the first time, Team Liquid qualifies for the Worlds with this victory. Now Cloud 9, Echo Fox, TSM and Clutch Gaming will have to play in the Play-in stage to secure a spot at the Worlds.