The Worlds of LoL has become one of the largest sports events in the world, and Riot Games , the developer of the League of Legends , invests more and more in the game every year. Since 2014, the competition has hosted a video with the theme song of the edition. The Imagine Dragons “Warriors” song was the first song and now has over 188 million views on YouTube. Recall, the five songs created for the Worlds.


“Warriors” was the first song produced for the League of Legends World and is performed by the band Imagine Dragons. At the time, the video caught the attention of the fans by the production. The animation illustrates the euphoria of the championships while the song touches the background. The Riot Games initiative was well received by the fans, who soon turned the sound. Currently, “Warriors”  has more than 188 million views on YouTube. The play is also featured on Imagine Dragons’ album Smoke + Mirrors.

Worlds Collide

In 2015, after the success of “Warriors”, Riot Games released the song “Worlds Collide” as theme of the year’s edition. The singer Nicki Taylor gave voice to the song, whose lyrics talk about determination and inspiration to fight and achieve goals. After three years, the video holds more than 20 million views on YouTube, a low number compared to its predecessor. The track is, so far, the song with the worst number of views amongst all the tracks.


The song Ignite, produced and performed by the musician Zedd, kept the same footprint of the predecessors, with verses that encourage to fight for the best. The song video also reinforces this idea of ​​chasing after and fighting for what you want. Ignite currently has over 62 million views on YouTube.

Legends Never Die

Launched last year, Legends Never Die quickly became popular among MOBA fans. Performed by the band Against The Current, the song viralized due to its message and its refrain. The success was so much that the song won a version in samba and usually has presence in several videos of the game.

The 2017 championship finale featured a live performance of the song, entitled to a projection of the Ancient Dragon – the epic monster of the game – in the middle of the National State of Beijing, known as the Bird’s Nest. Riot Games won the Best Live Graphic Design Award at the 39th edition of the Sports Emmy Awards because of the show. The original video holds48 million views on YouTube.


For the Worlds of this year, the theme “RISE” was interpreted by The Glitch Mob, Mako, and The Word Alive. The clip pays tribute to several of the League of Legends’ competitive landscape names, including Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok, considered the best player in the world. In addition, the animation features the journey of Gen.G’s jungler, Kang “Ambition” Chan-yong, in search of the title in the 2017 World Championship. Recently released, the track already has 73 million views on Youtube.