It will be a completely new season next year in the EU LCS. As a so-called long-term partnership has been established between the teams and Riot, in which several football clubs have shown interest.

Possibly next year, not only the EU LCS system but also the entire format of the league might be transformed. This year, the franchise system has been launched in North America and, while there are similar prices for the spot purchase, the European situation will be different in many ways. First of all, it will not necessarily be a franchise system. But it is said that it will a long-term affiliate program in which there is a good chance for football teams to enter the business, that will surely attract more business as compared to NBA in NA.


Credits: Dexerto

But what does this mean for the European field? There will be a good chance for new teams to emerge. Since more popular football players and other investors can enter e-sports, as we’ve already seen an example in Germany. Team Vizicsac is currently playing under FC Schalke 04 name which might qualify for Worlds and might be purchased by PSG until the end of the year. While Real Madrid has also recently shown interest in eSports with purchase of Origen. If this is the trend for the future, then the EU LCS might look like a football league.

Possible teams to come under new ownership

Fnatic is the most successful European team to this day. Therefore, there’s a possibility of them being signed by giant clubs lime Man City and Arsenal. The G2 team also have a similar success story. They tried to apply for NA LCS last year, but didn’t match the league requirements. Team Vitality already has a pretty good position. However, they already have the sponsorship of Renault which is not a football club but holds a strong name throughout Europe.

In addition, teams from other esports can also go under new ownership, most notably the lineups of Na’Vi and known for their exceptional performances in CSGO. North and Astralis might also be included in this list since both have a very strong and dedicated fan following. Their League of Legends divisions might get sponsored by big football clubs.


Credits: Redbull

Of course, all of these mentioned names at this point in time can only be mentioned at a speculative level, since Riot Games has not yet made an official announcement.

The above names would also be good because they would line up with Riot’s goals. Riot’s main objective is to cover almost the entire continent with dedicated professional teams. This way, there would be LoL fans everywhere. Schalke 04 would cover areas of Germany while PSG will take over France. Origen under Real Madrid banner will cover Spain, and Na’ Vi, or Virtus.Pro Europe’s eastern half of Europe.