League of Legends is one of the most popular video games out there. The game is played by millions of players every month and they absolutely enjoy it. However, just like every other multiplayer game, there exist some problems in League of Legends that are bothering a lot of players. Since the game was released, everyone has been debating about how balanced Riot’s MOBA is. Considering thousands of players long into it daily, it can be quite difficult to find a match that is balanced. But now, it seems like Riot has some big plans to fix things up.

Riot Games is well known for releasing different updates for League of Legends. These updates introduce different changes and improvements to the game. They either address various bugs that are present in various sections, or introduce new content for players. Either way, they have a habit of keeping players satisfied with League.

Riot Games To Introduce Big Changes

As it can be difficult for players to find a fair match, Riot is going to make things easier for them. Recently, the developers talk about what they are planning to do in 2020. They released a long blog post which had all important details regarding their plans.

According to Riot games, their main goal is to increase the queue times. Players have always complained about waiting for several minutes in queues, but Riot is going to change this soon. They are going to speed up the queue times while making sure the quality of the match doesn’t get ruined. We all know how frustrating it can be after waiting several minutes for a match to begin only to get crushed by better players.

At the moment, Riot is planning to handle this in two different ways, duo balance and auotfill. The best thing about both of these things is that they are ready for launch. Considering how much confident Riot is about these two fixing the game, League of Legends might actually become playable for everyone soon. The developers have improved various aspects of their game since its release, and they might finally overcome this problem too.

How Things Will Work

Through these changes, the game will balance the number of premades on each team. This means that the chances for you to run into a team of friends while playing solo will become extremely low. As for autofill, it will make the system more informed. In short, the game will automatically balance the positions that are filled.

Other than this, Riot has some big plans through which they are going to address several issues present in their game. The developers claimed that they want to figure a better way to deal with unsportsmanlike behavior in the game. This includes AFK, feeding, win trading, and even griefing. Although they haven’t revealed their exact plans, Riot is finding better and bigger ways to punish such players.

In any case, it is great to see that Riot is finally going to address an issue that has bothered many players.