League of Legends universe is growing a little more each year. This year, Riot Games has set up a multilevel storytelling. We will explain to you how this narrative process works and the construction of the story of Runeterra!

Storytelling is becoming more and more popular in the gaming culture. Introduced first in America, it is a commercial method used on various levels. The video game is transmedia and uses several media of communication, whether it is music, cinema, writing. or video games. Storytelling goes hand-in-hand. That’s why the two become more and more inseparable, and Riot Games knows how to use them.

Storytelling and LoL

Recently, we’ve seen Riot Games’ efforts to tell the story of LoL, and it’s happening in a variety of ways. First in the biographies of champions, comics and staging concrete facts; not to mention videos like the one on Ryze, or As we Fall on Varus. Riot Games uses comics, written stories, and video clips to tell us a story. This is not meant for the story itself, but to communicate ideas to the players.

Riot Games

Credits: Polygon

When Riot Games releases a new champion, there is a strong storytelling around him/her. With a champion, we have the presentation of a new product that players will buy with (Riot Points, or Blue Essences), and to make it attractive, they will use the transverse narration. The goal is to involve the player in the history of the game and the chosen champion.

The interactive map of Runeterra also brings another level of narration. Haven’t you noticed the strange Seal indicating Bandle on the map, changing as soon as you reload the page? Each region brings its share of stories, with each time, the champions link to the area indicated on the map. It is not only a way to clarify the factions, but also to tell and add elements of the lore.

Future of Storytelling by Riot Games

Storytelling doesn’t end here. One of the strengths of Riot Games is to be on many fronts, and music is one of them. The Pentakill band plays on it, inspired by Heavy Metal, making champions of the game a full-fledged band. In addition, they do not hesitate to include the stories created by the players in the game. For example, the love story between Diana and Leona, or a splash art Pool Party Leona, where we see Taric run after Lux, while Ezreal watches them sulking.

Riot Games

Credits: Riot Games

Storytelling in League of Legends encompasses a bunch of media, music, video, writing, and gameplay. It is a desire on the part of Riot Games to communicate their game to the players. The more time passes, the more the stories of our champions become more complex and different. The gameplay of the game is related to Storytelling. For example, Evelynne and Pyke have an ambiance turned around their skills. The voice of Evelynn is veiled when it becomes invisible. In direct connection with the story of the character, one could even say that Riot Games is a master in the art of telling stories.