Riot Games recently revealed that a lot of major changes are coming to the Wild Rift beta version of the game. The changes will include some fixes in the FPS, some major nerfs in the Champions, and a lot of other information to add in the future updates. Wild Rift is continuing to build its hype up, ever since its release on September 16. Riot Games is providing a lot for the fans, with some new updates and features for the mode of the game. 

Mobile Game Events

Riot Games is focusing a lot on the new mode of the game, Wild Rift. The organization is also holding some more mobile tournaments for the game, to attract more audiences towards it. The recent mobile game tournament, Verizon Invitational has gathered a lot of audiences and has made a lot of players try the new mode of the game.

The game is still not available in all the regions of the world. Riot Games is all set to launch the game in other regions as well. Similarly, Riot also says that the organization hopes to add a lot more to the MOBA in the upcoming updates.

FPS Fixes and Nerfs

As the first few weeks of the mobile title tournament for League of Legends, Riot Games announced that they will be bringing a lot of new changes into the game. The company says that they would be bringing ‘quality-of-life fixes’ in the game. The players have made these requests several times to Riot Games and they have finally delivered them.

Similarly, Riot also includes the FPS fixes in the game. Players can now toggle between 30 to 60 frames per second on all the devices. This update will bring a lot of performance boosts to the game.

The developers of the game announced that this new FPS update will be available for the players by October 24. This means that the players who are having issues with their FPS, will not be in trouble anymore. 

Other updates in the game bring the nerfs to some Champions. Riot promises to nerf down the strongest Champion right now in the Wild Rift meta, Xin Zhao. The changes will follow in early November to nerf down the famous Jungler in the game right now. 

Some other news tells us that Riot Games also announced to add some other updates in December as well. These updates will closely fix the issues relating to Joystick and controller users on Wild Rift. 

New Champions

With some more updates to come to the game, Wild Rift recently receives new Champions in the pool as well. With the addition of Darius, Draven, Kai’Sa, and more, Wild Rift is becoming the most favorite right now. Riot Games also announced the dates to take Wild Rift to European and North American regions. Before the end of 2020, Riot Games promises to bring more mobile titles for the game in more regions.