Riot Games has launched the new patch for League of Legends as fans were desperately waiting for it. Some of the professional LoL analysts have predicted that the patch can be expected in the first week of July.

The League of Legends gameplay designer Mark Yetter enlightened the fans about the 10.14 patch through a tweet last night. The designer disclosed the release date of the patch to be the 7th of July 2020. However, the patch is now available. He also said that some major changes are in the pipeline and multiple nerfs are planned by Riot. The patch will bring nerfs for the marksman Varus and Ezreal. Riot has made this decision as both of the champions are extremely popular in the current patch. 

Champions to see a Change

Along with nerfing the strongest champions of the current patch, Riot Games has also decided to buff the weakest. The champions that received a buff by Riot Games are the mid lane control mage Karthus and three assassins. Each assassin with a buff is of a different role as Riot is considering to balance the game as much as possible. Pyke got a buff as support, Zed as a mid-laner, and Kha’Zix as jungler. Each of the heroes will receive some amount of buff and further details will come with the patch notes.

Further Changes

As far as Riot Games have released the patch 10.14 notes, the mid-laner mage Karthus is going to get a decent buff. Although during the recent patches the mage has been picked for jungle only, it was once a mid-lane superstar. Riot has reduced the cooldown for the Q of the champion, also a 5% extra AP scaling has been given. Karthus is one of the heroes that always builds strong AP damage for late games, this buff will definitely bring a big change. 

The support Champion Pyke will also get a buff. His Q, a wind-up-hook, will experience a buff in its cooldown, mana cost, and damage. The notes also say that the champion will be nerfed on a scale basis. 

Apart from this, the community is waiting for the changes in the champions like Ezreal and Varsus. Varsus is the most favorite in the current patch as the pick/ban percentage for the champion is 95% in the competitive LoL. Similarly, Ezreal also has a high pick rate in the solo queuing. Moreover, the champion has more than 50% win-rate and that is why Riot is definitely going to serve the champion with a nerf.

Cosmetic Changes

The patch 10.14 has promised to add eight new skins into the store. Apart from the skins, two lines will be the Infernal and Arcanist lines. However, Champions like Kennen and Karthus will get Infernal skin, while Zoe and Kog’Maw will get a new arcanist theme look. Zoe will also receive a bonus skin and that will be Prestige Edition for the players who want to look more fierce. 

The patch 10.14 will also bring the Nexus Blitz game mode for the players.