The League of Legends (LoL) champions receive several skins a year, and players can get the news to modify the looks of their champions. The skins also bring new meanings to the MOBA champions. Many of these clothes feature references from movies, series and other games, such as Mortal Kombat’s Star Wars, Deadpool and Sub-Zero. Let’s have a look what did we find in LoL.

LeBlanc Cruel

The Skin LeBlanc Cruel refers to the champion Cruella de Vil, from the children’s drawing 101 Dalmatians. On the skin, LeBlanc wears a fur coat with half-painted white hair and half-black, like the character in the story. In the game, the evil laugh of LeBlanc closely resembles that of the champion.

Warwick Hyena

Regarding the Mad Max film franchise, the Warwick Hyena skin features elements of the work. The post-apocalyptic scenario is very similar to that of the film. With a red mohawk, pilot-style glasses, gloves and clothes that go out on fire, the wolf almost becomes a Mad Max champion. The most interesting thing is to see in Splash Art several cars chasing after Warwick, as in the movies.

Chosen Master Yi

With a blue lightsaber in hand, which takes the place of his sword, and a fluttering cloak on his back,  Master Yi’s Chosen skin refers to the Jedi from the Star Wars films by George Lucas. In the game, the resemblance is even more explicit when, when handled, Master Yi’s sword shines and produces the same sound as the Star Wars sabers.

Deadly Kennen

Regarding the champion Deadpool, of the comics and films of Marvel, the skin Deadly Kennen puts the champion in the clothing of the antihero. The mask is the most striking point: all red and with large black spots around the eyes. For being a legacy skin, that is, a skin that can only be acquired through chests in the game after going out of sale, the Deadly Kennel ia very much desired by the fans.

Frozen Shen

Another legacy skin, Frozen Shen brings a reference to the champion of another hit game: Mortal Kombat’s Sub-Zero. For both of them have a ninja theme and they have similar clothes, the fans always related the two and the skin, with ice theme, was already expected. In the game, Shen’s sword is frozen like the one of Sub-Zero, besides its clothes do not have sleeves like the one of the personage.

Yellow Jacket Shen

Shen’s second skin is dedicated to the Sub-Zero enemy in Mortal Kombat, the Scorpion. The champion also has ninja theme, so the change was mainly in the colors of the clothing, which is golden with shades of yellow. Yellow Jacket Shen, which is another legacy skin, carries two swords in the back, just like the Scorpion.

Foxfire Ahri

The Foxfire Ahri skin refers to Mozilla Firefox. Ahri is already a fox, and her skin has red, yellow and orange colors to highlight his new look on fire.

Chrome Rammus

The Chrome Rammus skin continues to represent browsers, honoring Google Chrome. “Chrome”, means metal covered by chromium. In the skin, the champion is all silvery and chrome as well as explains his own name.