At the start of the week, a well known League of Legends streamer Joedat “Voyboy” Esfahani published a video where he talked about in detail how toxic the solo queue has become. The video turned into a web sensation, and now Riot is tending to address these worries about toxicity in the LOL community.

Riot’s plan of action

Today, Riot Meddler released Riot’s arrangement to handle the issue. The arrangement is partitioned into four separate stages:

  • Now
  • Soon
  • After That
  • Ongoing

Now – Improvements in reporting section and report notifications

Starting at the present moment, Riot is trialing enhancements for how reporting and notifications work in League of Legends. These tests are live on the North American server, and on the off chance that they end up being viable, they will go live on different servers globally. These enhancements will enable players to see when their reports bring about disciplines.

Soon – Enable Reporting  in Champ Select

The momentary arrangement includes managing toxicity in League of Legends’ Champ Select. As of now, players don’t have numerous choices to manage players who are being toxic there. Individuals can hold a game with no dread of discipline and power others to avoid or place players in an unbalanced position. Before long, players will have the option to report in Champ Select, which could prompt discipline.

After That – Automating play detection

For its moderate-term plan, Riot needs to discover approaches to rebuff players who ruin games through purposefully taking care of or intentionally trolling. Meddler expresses this has been troublesome in the past in light of the fact that it is difficult for them to differentiate between a player that is deliberately trolling and one that is simply playing ineffectively. 

Reports aren’t really dependable either, the same number of players will report somebody for playing terrible in any event when they aren’t purposefully tossing the game. This makes it hard to differentiate. Riot wouldn’t like to rebuff somebody for having terrible games, and they don’t at present have a simple arrangement.


Meddler expresses that the drawn-out plans are “to be determined.” Most likely, what occurs in the coming time with the new system will decide how they tackle future issues. In the event that Riot can discover arrangements that work, they will have the option to work off of those as well.