Yesterday Riot Games issued a statement signed by RiotScruffy about important changes that will take place soon in League of Legends. These changes will greatly affect the way we play the game. The reason behind these changes is to stabilize the future of the title. The announcement has been divided into three parts, in which short, medium and long-term objectives are included.

The changes coming our way

In the short term, Riot Games has proposed to reduce the damage of the champions. During this season they have realized that the damage far exceeds the defensive capacity of the champions, and they need to adjust it, especially in the early stages of the game. They believe that the problem lies specifically in the nuke damage. The combination of runes and passive items sometimes allow the nuke damage caused to have no possible response from the players.

Riot Games

Credits: Riot Games

The second change that is urgent in the offices of West Los Angeles refers to the ADCs. One of the biggest problems of the season, the target of criticism from a large part of the community, has tried to solve itself from the 8.15 patch. The objective is to bring back glory days of the shooters and make them further effective in the future meta.

Riot Games Pre-season objectives

The main novelty this season is that Riot is going to give up on changing the jungle. They believe that the changes in the last months have been too important and are more than enough for now. However, Riot Games has now proposed a series of objectives to improve.

In the first place, the ability to make a comeback in League of Legends is insufficient in most cases. The frustrating feeling that a game is decided in the first ten minutes should disappear from League of Legends, that will allow teams to build long-term strategies. The objective is to increase the possibility of this happening, without throwing away the advantage of the team that has been ahead. In the same way that there will be more chances of a comeback.

Riot Games

Credits: Riot Games

The last big change of the preseason will affect the runes. In the next season, the runes will stop boosting several statistics of the champions, but the path chosen by each player will be based on a specific statistic. In this way, Riot seeks to expand the variety of choices. Moreover, Riot Games announced that the most powerful and least used runes will get some updates.

What to expect in the long-term

Finally, Riot Games talks about the things that the company has learned. They will implement those ideas in the long term within the game. Riot has learned that too many changes kill the fun of the players. Therefore, in the future, they will keep the changes at a low rate.

All of this just shows that how much commitment Riot is showing to the future of the game and wants to keep its community happy in every way possible.