League of Legends (LoL), MOBA developed by Riot Gamesxff, provides space for a multitude of strategies, and some compositions are widely used by professionals in the competitive arena. Tactical lineups have their own characteristics and are used by professional teams worldwide. Remote Attacks, Protection, Spins and more: Check out, then, the five most famous LoL competitive strategies that are constantly implemented by the pros no matter what the meta is.


In the League of Legends, it is a concept of protection. Thus, they are compositions aimed at protecting a specific ally, who may have the ability to carry the team to victory. Champions with group control (slowness, stun, suppression, etc.) and buffs (cures, shields) like Lulu, Nami and Braum are good choices for protection. Jinx and Kog’Maw are examples of chargers.


Protect the carry: Protect the shooter, usually a hyper carry.


In LoL, it is a composition with primary purpose of infiltrating the enemy team to eliminate a certain target. Teams will usually choose some single target champions – characters that inflict damage on a single target – to execute the strategy, such as Vi, Camille, LeBlanc and Olaf. Do not confuse the tactic with the expression ” tower dive ”, that is, the act of attacking an opponent under his tower.


Pick off: Eliminate an enemy out of position.


In this strategy the team uses ranged attacks and champions with low recharge time on their abilities. Teams must position themselves securely to distribute constant damage, reduce enemy life, and force the target to return to base constantly without being exposed. Therefore, it takes patience to find loopholes at the right time. Champions like Ezreal, Varus, Xerath and Karma are great for this type of proposal.


Siege: Press enemies underneath the opposing towers.

Split push

The word split, that is, ” split ” is a very popular concept in the game. It is a strategy that will literally separate the team members during offensive moves. In this type of composition, a champion is chosen to press on a certain point of the map while the rest of the team moves to achieve goals like Dragons, Barons, Towers and Inhibitors. The split pusher function is usually attributed to top laners.


1-3-1: one split pusher at the top, one at the bot and the rest at the center route.


AoE (Area of ​​Effect) compositions focus on team fights, that is, team fights. For this, teams must select champions with damage and area group control, such as Malphite, Orianna, Miss Fortune and Jarvan IV. Unlike specialized strategies in dive, this has as main function to eliminate several enemies at the same time. Therefore, it is a tactic that depends on time and good distribution of resources to be effective.


Hard engage: fast and strong initiations;

Disengage: repel enemy initiations;

Kite back: fight back the enemy.