Despite the disappointing final of Fnatic at the Worlds, the team has once again proved that it was one of the largest teams in Europe. Whether we like it or not, black and orange are a big name in the world of League of Legends. With Season 9 n its way, let’s have a look at the last season of the team.

Season 8

To start the season 8, they replace only Jesiz by Hylissang and signed the young Belgian top laner, Bwipo, to train with them. There is no need to go into too much detail about this season that you have just followed with us. Just remember that Bwipo will play a few games in late Spring Split before having to play all the playoffs to replace sOAZ who broke his arm.

Fnatic wins the Spring Split and, after another defeat against Royal Never Give Up at the MSI, also wins the Summer Split in a disorganized meta. Indeed, Rekkles retired from the base five for many weeks leaving Bwipo in botlane and sOAZ regain his confidence at the top. The season was a blessing since after another win in Europe, it was a staff of 6 players in the run that flies to the World Cup in South Korea.

We can say that there is a bit of luck in their arrival in the final, but isn’t it always? They did, however, show a lot of domination to achieve this, with only 2 losses in 14 games. Fnatic proved that Europe was strong, that their young 100% European squad was at the level of the greatest and, in 2019, Europe is hosting the World Cup!

In the final, things didn’t go as planned. Bwipo flinched against Theshy and sOAZ failed to turn the tide when it came up. Caps showed he was the tournament’s second best midlanee\r, which is already excellent, but unsuccessful quite successful against the No.1 the. The good performance of Broxah, Hyllissang and Rekkles will not be enough, certainly not with compositions as fragile as those chosen in the final.

What will Happen in Season 9

With the departure of Caps and soaZ, Fnatic not only loses the advantage of having a squad of 6 players but also two big names in the professional scene. So many questions arise for season 9: Will Nemesis reign supreme in midlane? Will the game run around Rekkles again? Will the Fnatic Team be a World Title Candidate again at the 2019 Home World Cup? Only time will tell.

Fnatic LoL

These are huge changes for the team and looking at the new additions in the LEC we can expect Fnatic to have a hard time but they should prevail since they have a legacy to bounce back in the darkest hours. We would love to see them lift the Worlds title at the end of 2019.