The LoL Patch 8.16. It is a patch in which virtually everything is nerfed .The aim of the patch is to reduce the presence of certain abusive champions, by nerfing their damage output in the game.

A total sum of 11 champions are nerfed since the arrival of the LoL Patch 8.16. While those who receive buffs are the ones who are failing in the current meta. Again, this tells us that the intentions of the MOBA developers. Riot wants to reduce the amount of damage dealt and make the fights longer.

Riot’s Objective: Reduce the damage

As always, Riot Games uses the alphabetical order to show us the changes. That is why Aatrox is the first champion to get nerfed, this time focusing on the E ability. Both the healing of the champion and the damage inflicted has been reduced. Moreover, the number of charges of the E ability are also reduced. Another champion that has gone into Riot’s hands is Fizz. The fish has gotten nerfs in its AP ratios on its W and R abilities.

LoL patch 8.16

Credits: Riot Games

Orianna is one of the easiest champions in the mid lane. As long as the metagame is based on pushing the lanes, this champion is a force to be reckoned with. That is why Riot has reduced its magical resistance by four points. Quinn is another champion who had been excelling for a while, so Riot reduced the attack damage of champion by 0.6 points per level.

Crushing through meta heroes

Rakan is one of the most annoying champions for his damage, crowd control, and mobility. He has just received a hard blow to see his base health as it has been reduced by 30 points. His armor has also been reduced by 3. Riots wants to reduce the dominance of certain champions from the starting minutes. So they have also given nerfs to Taliyah. This champion receives nerfs focused on limiting her global presence. As her base movement has been reduced and her ultimate no longer gives vision.

LoL patch 8.16

Credits: Riot Games

Trundle sees his Q lose up to 40 points of base damage on the last level, in exchange for an improvement in the damage ratio at later levels.. Another annoying champion that received nerfs is Wukong. It seems Riot has looked into the dominating games “Caps” played on him in the LCS. So Riot has reduced the damage of his Q.

Last but not least, Zoe suffers from the nerf hammer in the LoL Patch 8.16. The champion has not stopped appearing in professional competitions despite receiving successive nerfs in the past. Riot reduce both the base damage and the escalations of his passive.

Runes nerfed

Aery and Electrocute, perhaps the two most important key runes for these aggressive champions see their damage and power reduced, while other complementary choices such as Celerity and Low Blow have also been nerfed. So with pretty much everything getting nerfed will we see the rise of a new meta? Only time will tell.