Riot is all set to release a new Champion for League of Legends in the upcoming weeks as the organization provided a preview of Lillia, a new jungle Champion for LoL. The champion was first revealed on the Official League of Legends Twitter account as they posted a teaser for Lillia that showed the Champion scanning a tree in the jungle. Although the trailer doesn’t provide any information about Lillia being Jungle Champion, the teaser is enough of a hint for the community to conclude Lillia as Jungler. 

The Predictions about Lillia

In the teaser, Lillia stares at the tree as the tree has taught her a lot and has shown her another world. The professional analysts predict that this could lead up to the champion having a vision advantage in the trees and the bushes on the map. Also, the new Champion is holding a staff that also resembles the bush of a tree. Some expect that she might have some natural powers to interact with the trees on the map.

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In a previous teaser, the Champion was observed saying Life lives on even when you sleep. This could lead up to Lillia having an ability to put the enemies to sleep for a specific time. 

Lillia is a Jungler

Unlike other uncertainties about the new Champion, Lillia will be a jungler, as confirmed by Riot Games. In June 2020 Champion Roadmap, Riot disclosed that the organization has been working on a mid-range jungler that will be available to the public soon. Riot also provided a hint to the players that the new hero will be deer-like, and thus we can easily predict that it was Lillia, Riot was referring to. 

Release for Lillia

The new jungle Champion, Lillia, is all set to be available in the Spirit Blossom event. The due date for the event is July 22. At first, it was assumed that Spirit Blossom will only unleash some of the new skins in the game and nothing else. Although, after the news of the new champion, the event will be more than just showing off skins. 

New Champion?

Riot Games has teased another champion for the Spirit Blossom event and fans are desperately waiting for it. However, very little information has been provided for the champion. From the Champion Roadmap, all we could know was that the new champion will be an assassin and hold two weapons. 

Lillia into Ranked Matches

Just like any other new Champion, Riot will not allow Lillia to enter the ranked scene for a while. Riot makes sure for the pro players to master the hero and then enter it to the ranked matches. Also, it will not be available at the pro scene for a while until Riot decides otherwise. We can expect a lot of new surprises from Riot at the Spirit Blossom event in July as new Champions and skins are going to be released.