Being a good top laner in League of Legends requires attention, clear reflexes and lots of learning. The player on the upper route needs to know basic strategy mechanics. Firstly, he should know the right time to fight. Secondly, the use of summoner spells in favor of the team should be timed perfectly. Lastly, he should choose good champions in the meta to do well in the matches. Check out below some tips to make a mark in the in Summoner’s Rift.

Sense of responsibility

In League of Legends, the player at the top is responsible for securing the top lane on the map. Like the other positions on the map, the top laner needs to take down minions to accumulate gold, buy items to win the game, trade damage with the opponent, position themselves in team fights, and take down towers. The top laner, however, is responsible for specific tasks.

Check out for the enemy team

Top laner is closer to Rift Herald, Baron Nashor, and Aronguejo as compared to rest of the lanes. Therefore, it is his top duty to secure the area. These three monsters are very important throughout the entire match of League of Legends. A team can make or break the game after securing those monsters. In the case of Aronguejo. placing sentries frequently and checking the position of the enemy team is quite essential.

League of Legends

Credits: Riot Games

Active mind

The top laner also needs to be sharp on the teleport. Summoner spell is crucial to press the opponent on the map, to secure the objectives faster and to create situations of tactical advantage in fights. The teleport can be used on sentinels, Allied minions, towers and some champions skills, such as Zac’s passive.

Be the initiator

Top-level players often act on the front line, serving as tanks, fighters, and potential team fights’ initiators. In League of Legends, a match is divided into two major stages: the laning phase when the champions are taking creeps in their respective lanes of the map. The other one is team fight engagement when a team meets to achieve goals (towers, inhibitors and neutral minions).

Therefore, a top laner will never stay forever in the lane. A good top laner needs to track allies and opponents. In addition, he should also help champions from other lanes of the map. He also needs to give cover to the team, and invade the enemy jungle to check suspicious enemy activity and position sentries.

League of Legends

Credits: Riot Games

If the opponent on the top lane disappears from the map during the laning phase, communicate with the rest of the team and try to move to find the positioning of the enemy. He’ll probably be looking for space to teleport, start a fight for Rift Herald or assist the Mid Laner to gain a numerical advantage. Top laner needs to pay special attention in order to get the upper hand. At the end of the clashes, it is normal for the top laner to adopt a fairly common strategy in League of Legends matches.