League of Legends recently turned 10 years old and to celebrate it, Riot Games decided to gift various items to players. The most interesting thing about this was that they decided to git one item every day for 10 days. The gifts included some orbs, essence, icons, and some other stuff. However, the thing which left everyone excited was the 10th gift. On the 10th day, Riot decided to give a random legendary skin to every player.

Legendary skins in League of Legends are the most premium skins. They feature a really amazing look, and the thing which makes them special is new animations, visuals, voice lines, and sound effects. Because of this very reason, a legendary skin in League of Legends has a price of around 1,820 Riot Points, which is a lot.

As everyone now has their own legendary skin, we are going to list down the top 5 legendary skins present in the game.

Star Guardian Jinx

League of Legends

Jinx’s Star Guardian skin is something that almost every other player loves. Although there are many Star Guardian skins available in the game, Jinx has the most unique and amazing one. The best thing about this skin is that it suits the anarchist’s personality of protecting her teammates. Aside from this, the color scheme of this skin is just amazing.

God Fist Lee Sin

League of Legends has a lot of skins for Lee Sin, but the most amazing one is perhaps God Fist. This skin is perfect for the time when you get an amazing play with him. For instance, when his fists become golden, then there is no better way to show off other than wearing the God Fist skin. In any case, it is a skin every Lee Sin fan should have.

Dragon Trainer Tristana

Another amazing legendary skin in our list is the Dragon Trainer skin for Tristana. This skin is easily the cutest legendary skin available in the game. The Dragon Trainer skin offers a complete makeover for both Tristana and her little baby dragon, Riggle. She has been training Riggle and has taught him a lot of new tricks. However, she also loves him a lot.

Omega Squad Teemo

Omega Squad is a legendary skin designed especially for Teemo. Some people think that he is a cute and innocent little creature, but it’s the complete opposite. In the battlefield, Teemo turns into a deadly weapon and destroys anyone who stands in his way. And the Omega Squad skin perfectly matches the champion’s dark side.

League of Legends

Aether Wing Kyle

Aether Wing Kyle is probably the most popular legendary skin in the game. Although some players weren’t happy with what the developers did with this skin, majority are still in its favor. For those who don’t know, Kayle wings were destroyed at some point. However, she then returned with ailerons as her new wings and weapons.

These were some of the top 5 legendary skins in League of Legends. Although the choices will vary from person to person, these are still some of the most popular ones.