Since League of Legends was released, developer Riot Games has made various changes and improvements to it. Considering it is a game with a huge player base, they must do everything they can to keep players satisfied with it. One wrong move can end up making players stop playing the game. And now, it seems like the developers have decided to once again make some changes to the game that are meant to improve the gameplay experience.

Recently, Riot Games teased a few big changes that are coming to the Rift. These changes are going to focus on fixing some problems that exist in Top Lange, Jungle, and autofill. League of Legends players have been facing a number of issues while playing the game, and they are really annoyed by it. Thankfully, Riot Games has confirmed that they are aware of them and are working on fixing them. In the latest Ask Riot, the developers talked about how they are planning to address these issues.


Autofilled in League of Legends is something that has always left players annoyed. Whenever a player gets autofilled into an off-role, the opponent already gets an advantage. This is because the player that has been autofilled is going to play in a role he is not used to. This is why he won’t be able to deliver his best during a match. While some players are totally against the idea of autofilled existing in Ranked mode, it is believed to be better than long queue times and mismatched lobbies.

League of Legends

While talking about it, Riot claimed that without autofilled, it will take longer for players to find matches. However, they will end up getting a broader skill range as their 10th player. In order to overcome this issue, Riot Games has decided to experiment with autofill parity in some regions. This will give both teams an autofilled player to balance things out.

Top Lane

We all know that top laners always feel like they contribute very little to the outcome of a match. This is because they don’t have as much influence as others on the game. They also have the potential to carry, but they don’t get the chance to. However, it seems like all of this is going to change as Riot is going to make some changes to some top lane item like Black Cleaver and Sunfire Cape. In addition to this, the developers might also introduce a buff for Teleport so that it makes more impact for top laners.

The Jungle

League of Legends players are aware that the 10.4 patch introduced a lot of buffs for non-Jungler champions. Riot basically thinks that being a Jungler isn’t fit for lower ranks. Regardless of what you’re doing with a Jungler, there’s a lot to handle with that role. Considering the jungle can have a threating effect, Riot wants to bring more champions to it. This way, players will get to explore it more efficiently.