The Mobile Gaming industry is growing day by day as many big publishers are bringing their games to this platform. Last year, we saw that many hit titles arrived on mobile devices, something which increased their popularity. And now, it seems like one of the most popular PC titles of all time is going to arrive on mobile devices.

League of Legends Mobile Version Might be In the Works

Recently, it was reported that League of Legends is currently in works for mobile devices. According to the sources, Riot Games is working with its parent company Tencent for this project. Although the report is from Reuters and there is still no official confirmation about this, many still believe that this will happen considering how busy Tencent has been in the Mobile Gaming industry. For those who don’t know, Tencent is the company that bought the majority of the shares in Riot Games back in 2012, and then became its full-fledged owner in 2015.

It was also revealed through the report that Riot once rejected Tencent’s proposal of creating a mobile version of League of Legends some years ago. The reason behind the rejection was that Riot was satisfied with how well the game was performing on the PC platform, and they didn’t want to expand it. However, after getting rejected, Tencent simply decided to launch their own MOBA title, Honour of Kings. The game featured a gameplay style similar to that of League of Legends, and this was the reason why it was the highest grossing MOBA mobile game in China.

Although Tencent created a lot of mobile titles to compete with League of Legends, they still failed to make them as popular as it. And now, the Chinese technology giant is finally going to achieve its goal by bringing League of Legends to the mobile platform.

League of Legends Mobile Version To No Arrive In 2019

As for the release date, the report suggests that although Tencent has been working on the game since a year, we still cannot expect it to release in 2019. In addition to this, the game is currently believed to be released for both Android and iOS. Though there may be some games that are exclusive to either one operating system, League of Legends will be most likely released for both. Tencent will want to target both platforms to attract a bigger audience.

At the moment, Tencent is yet to officially reveal anything related to this, so we will have to patient until they do. In any case, bringing League of Legends is surely going to result in a lot of good things. We have already seen how well PUBG and Fortnite performed on mobile devices as millions of mobile gamers play them every month. Some people also believe that the mobile version of League of Legends might feature gameplay similar to Arena of Valor. However, only time can tell what the Chinese tech giant has in mind for their popular MOBA title.