League of Legends is one of the most popular games out there. The game was released years ago and since then, it has managed to attract millions of players towards it. In fact, it is considered as the third biggest esports title in the world and has contributed a lot towards making what esports is today. Since its release, developer Riot Games has introduced a lot of exciting new things for it. They even launched various things to make things easier for the community. One of these things was the League of Legends Boards.

The League of Legends Boards

The League of Legends Boards went live a decade ago. Riot Games basically decided to replace the original League forum with the Boards several years ago. The Boards served as a platform where players could come and interact with each other. They had the luxury to share things with the League of Legends community and find out amazing stuff. The best thing about them was that players could even interact with the developers and Riot would usually post the upcoming changes to the game on the board.


As soon as the Boards went live, League of Legends players instantly started using the platform. Everyone went crazy and started sharing new stuff, made new friends, interacted with developers, and the list goes on. However, with the passage of time, the popularity of the Boards slowly started to decrease. This is because other platforms came to the surface where players started to gather. In addition to this, Riot also started sharing information on other platforms such as Reddit and Twitter. And now, it seems like Riot has decided to make a very big decision about the League of Legends boards.

Big Announcement

Recently, it was announced that after a decade of having fun on the League of Legends Board, Riot Games is officially going to close down the platform. That’s right, the developers have decided to shut down the Boards after a few days because of various reasons. However, you will have around seven days to save any conversations or files before the platform goes down.

While talking about their decision to close down the Boards, Riot Games claimed that they are aware some players still use the Boards regularly. However, the number of players using the Boards is relatively low, and it is clear to them that the popularity of the platform has decreased greatly. This is because both players and even the developers have shifted to other community discussion platforms, such as Reddit and Discord. Because of this, the Boards are now empty.

Riot Games is first going to make the Boards read-only on March 9. You will be still able to access files and threads once this happens. However, starting March 16, the old forum archive will no longer be available, so you will have to screenshot threads before this happens.

After the Boards shut down, Riot Games will continue to update fans regarding various things on their social media platforms such as Twitter and YouTube.