The League of Legends Worlds 2020 was missing the finals two spots at the run. After the victories by LGD and Unicorns of Love, both of the teams secure the last two spots in the tournament, which completes the group of teams at the event. 

Play-in Portion

10 individual teams joined the play-in portion for the Worlds 2020. Despite epic fighting, only four teams made it to the group stages of the mega tournament, and six teams returned back from China. Two last teams entered the tournament on the final day of the play-ins. With the victories by LPL’s LGD and LCL’s Unicorns of Love over Legacy Esports and Papara SuperMassive respectively, both teams made it to the group stages of the Worlds 2020. The last two winners will now join the 12 other teams which qualified for the Worlds 2020 for League of Legends. The other teams qualified for the group stages through their domestic performances. The official date for the beginning of the group stages is October 3rd.

Legacy Esports vs LGD

Legacy Esports’ underdog run finally came to end at the hands of LGD. The team struggled to stand strong against the lethal performance of Han ‘Peanut’ Wang-ho and Su ‘Xiye’ Han-Wei by LGD. Both of the stars turned the game two where Legacy Esports snatched a little momentum in the mid-game. However, after several fights, LGD came out stronger and finished the game in style. The series eventually finished with a 3 – 0 victory by LGD. LGD took the third game in total fashion by just destroying the opponents in 24 minutes. Legacy Esports’ dreams to make it to the Worlds 2020 ended right here. 

Unicorns of Love

While Legacy Esports started packing, Unicorns of Love also made it to the group stages of the Worlds 2020. This is the first time UoL has made it to the tournament. The team becomes the first-ever CIS region squad to make it to the group stages of Worlds, since 2016. Last year, Unicorns of Love missed the same chance of qualifying by just dropping one game. However, this year, the team made no such mistake and slaughtered Papara SuperMassive to enter the tournament in a style.

The Turkish squad, Papara SuperMassive stood weak against the Europeans Unicorns. UoL finished the series with an epic 3 – 0 victory. 

The final Makeup

With the last four teams joining the Worlds 2020, we now know the final makeup of the group stages. Team Liquid is joining G2 Esports in group A. PSG Talon is entering this year’s group of death, group B. LGD is joining Fnatic and Gen.G in a thrilling group C. Finally, Unicorns of Love is entering group D with FlyQuest. Now that the group stages are all set, fans are waiting for the battles to start on 3rd October. Worlds 2020 groups are tremendously epic. A lot of drama is waiting for the fans throughout the series.