In just a period of 24 hours, 2 big announcements have come up for the fans of League of Legends. Let’s see the bad news first.

Lolking is shutting down for good

It is undoubtedly one of the best-known community sites in the world of League of Legends. We are obviously talking about the Lolking site . It was indeed one of the first sites to offer you several services like knowing what was happening in the game you were playing, offering you different stats and win rates or builds for your favorite champions if you do not know how to react to this or that situation. As time went on, more similar sites came into existence ( or Probuild to name a few), which was not necessarily a good thing for Lolking.

League of Legends

Credits: All4Desktop

Unfortunately the site arrived at a point where the maintenance costs and the renting of the servers were too costly, thus leading to the closure of the illustrious site. You should know that the site will work as usual until September 28th. From this fateful date, you will only be able to read the site until October 15, 2018. After this date passes, the site will unfortunately be old history, unless someone is interested to pay the bills, or use the domain name.

Now to change your mood let’s have a look at the good news.

MasterCard is newest sponsor of Worlds

MasterCard becomes the biggest sponsor of the 2018 Worlds League of Legends, following a partnership with Riot Games.

Two days ago, Riot Games and MasterCard announced a major partnership focused on League of Legends. This makes MasterCard the biggest sponsor of the Worlds that will be held between October and November in South Korea.

An agreement between them is an excellent news in preparation for the Worlds, but neither Riot Games nor MasterCard have so far released information on this subject. This is a big bet for MasterCard to invest on League of Legends, one of the video games with a very developed esports scene. This will certainly encourage other big multinational companies to give eSports a chance to flourish.

League of Legends and MasterCard

Credits: InsideSports

For MasterCard , this gives them all the credit as Visa is the main sponsor of FIFA and the Olympic Games. In addition, LoL gives MasterCard the opportunity to appeal to new generations, who can then go to them when considering start-ups, or attracting newcomers in the modes of payment.

This partnership would also help Riot Games deal with complaints from team owners at the NA LCS. The owners criticized them for taking too long to monetize the game, despite the fact that LoL has a large number of viewers.

The image of esports is changing, as evidenced by the growing interest of major firms in this field. Esports is gaining momentum: MasterCard’s decision to become the biggest sponsor of the World Championships makes them a true figurehead in the field.