The new season of League of Legends kicked off on January 24. The players have been waiting for this moment with great enthusiasm, especially in the wake of the spectacular videos that Riot Games has published in recent days.

Awaken Lol new soundtrack

The audiovisual production of Riot Games has made a spectacular soundtrack.  The company is well aware of the enormous potential of League of Legends to create content that goes beyond the video game itself.

In the Worlds we could already see a sample of what they can produce. However, the company has again came out all guns blazing. On the occasion of the beginning of the new season they have released  Awaken, a song composed with the collaboration of Valerie Broussard.

The soundtrack is quite impressive but the video is what really that attracts the audience. In the animation you can see several characters of League of Legends fighting against each other in different scenarios. Draven, Riven, Sion, Irelia, Karma, Kennen, Yasuo, Riven, Camile and Jhin are the characters that have been seen in this video clip, which proves once again that  League of Legends has a future beyond the video game. Social networks are on fire with this production. Everyone is amazed with the level of detail achieved, leaving the song itself in the background.

In addition, they have revived the desire to see League of Legends become a movie, something that seems to be far from occurring, but with what we continue to dream.

New champion & many changes coming out in 2019

In addition, the company have released the initial information about what we are going to have in the new season. Although we still have a lot to know, the developer have left a very strong impression on the audience.

The highlight was the announcement of a new support. The company has revealed that one of the champions who will soon arrive in the Rift will occupy the position of support.

Another aspect to highlight are the reworks. The main objectives will be Morgana and Kyle, although the first one will have even more priority. According to the information leaked in Reddit, Morgana is going to undergo major changes on her W. Her new ability will have a functioning similar to that of Cassiopeia limiting the movements of the enemies.

For her part, Kayle will see how her final changes completely . The mechanics will be very similar to those of Atrox, although they will evolve as you go up in level.

We already saw that some Galio, Aatrox , Irelia and Akali were forgotten Champions of the Rift. After the much needed reworks, they have gone from being completely forgotten in the metagame to being one of the most played champions.

This is what Riot wants to happen with Morgana and Kayle. For this reason, everything indicates that they will be the next characters to pass the transformation process.