League of Legends is one of the most played games in the world. Among the factors that make Riot’s game so popular is its extensive universe, with over 100 characters and several modes to play. In addition, the game has a consolidated competitive scenario, attracting players of different ages. If you have not played League of Legends yet, check out the following reasons to start getting interested in MOBA.

1. LoL is a free game

League of Legends is a game with direct and free download. Unlike much of the famous games, LoL does not charge anything so that its users can have fun playing. This is because, although the game has paid content, the acquisition of them does not influence the performance of the player or the functionality of the game.

The use of real money within the game is secondary. It is almost always linked to skins purchases (items that change the look of the characters in the matches), summoner icons – which customize the profile of the players – and various accessories that seek to increase the appearance of the champions or player account.

2. A regular player is always well rewarded

Another important advantage is that the more you play, the more content you release. This is because League of Legends pretty much rewards your most assiduous players by giving them chests with assorted items, champion capsules – where you earn character fragments to form a new champion and complete your collection -, blue and orange essences (ie , the money used inside the game), among other acquisitions that make more fun your experience inside the game. There are even cases where the player gets fragments of rare skins.

In addition, the game has themed events, with missions that bring rewards to players who meet the goals. They are almost always simple missions, like winning a game with a certain champion or accumulating a certain amount of gold inside the game. These missions, even if they are performed with certain ease, usually bring good rewards to summoners.

3. A light and affordable game

Another advantage of LoL is that it is lightweight and runs even on computers with simpler configurations. It is not necessary a computer considered gamer, with an advanced processor or that owns a tip of video card. League of Legends runs easily even on notebooks or old computers ( see the minimum requirements to download and install the game ). Admittedly, the game works best with a more agile computer, but that does not determine the accessibility of the game.

4. It is diverse and full of content

In addition to all the features already listed, which allow the player to start in the League of Legends without spending money, the game has a wide content, which makes your audience not sick even after a long time playing. One of the main examples of this diversity is the fact that it has several champions, counting almost 150 available characters with the most varied abilities, game styles, appearances and stories.

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