Two really good teams met in the European LCS finals. However, after an exceptional series, Fnatic has been crowned as Summer Split champions in Madrid.

Schalke 04 arrived to the final after an mind blowing season. In the playoffs they beat some of the best teams. According to some critics, they arrived to the grand final in a much better form than Fnatic. Fnatic, on the other hand wanted to increase the number of championship wins, further increasing the gap between them and G2 as Europe’s most successful team.

Fnatic Wins EU LCS

Credits: Riot Games

Game 1

At the first match of the series, Schalke’s win was clearly inevitable, with excellent drafts virtually disallowed the Fnatic’s Caps (Akali) to play freely in the laning phase. Over the course of the game Caps, who have been chosen as summer MVPs just a few hours before the final. He could hardly do anything to make his team look like they stood a chance in the first match. Vizicsacsi broke Fnatic, took the first game and gave the lead to Schalke 04. Fnatic – Schalke 04, 0-1.

Game 2

After losing the first game, Fnatic woke up. They were even more serious in the drafting phase, with a teamfight oriented lineup for the second game. This time, Schalke did not make the breakthrough. As almost all of their ganking attempts were strongly denied by Caps Cassiopeia. After a critical mid lane fight in favor of Fnatic, the series was inevitably tied, a smooth Baron buff was followed by a victory. Fnatic equalized, 1-1.

Game 3

The third game was very similar to the second. Much better drafts from both sides, but Schalke was confident enough to give Rekkles Kai’Sa. Vizicsacsi played so well in every game, almost winning his lane every time without even giving a single kill. However, unfortunately his team was not able to give a good performance. The team even managed a good early lead. However, Just like in the second game, Schalke did not know what to do with ot, Rekkles Kai’Sa reached his power spike. After another great team fight, Fnatic got the critical Baron buff and then the third game. The Fnatic reversed the series, 2-1.

Fnatic Team

Credits: lolesports

Game 4

The fourth game was the last game that sealed Schalke 04’s fate. Both sides learned a lot from each other in the first three games. That resulted in completely different drafts. In the end Fnatic drafted unique champions. They picked Ryze for Caps, Hylissang was on Xayah and Rakan was picked for Rekkles.

The viewers were very happy about this. From the first moment it was the most exciting game, Schalke quickly gained lead on the kills and the gold advantage, but as it has been throughout the grand final, Fnatic know how to make a comeback. So after a series of decent fights from Fnatic at 20 minutes the teams were equal in kills and gold. Then there were silly mistakes from both sides which made this last game Incredibly exciting. The game was won by Fnatic at the 32th minute when Rekkles got unexpected Quadra kill.