LoL World Championship 2018 has already reached the grand finals which will take place on November 3. Before that, the battle between two giants from different regions took place. It was the battle of EU vs NA, Fnatic vs Cloud 9. Both the teams were in good shape. After clean sweeping Afreeca Freecs, Cloud 9 was feeling pretty confident going into the brawl, while Fnatic took down Edward Gaming 3-1. Cloud 9 now had to face Fnatic to reach the grand finals of LoL World Championship 2018. Here’s what happened in the best-of-five series.

Game 1

Fnatic set the tone in the first game by crushing the Cloud 9 in 25 minutes and exhibited the perfect start to the semis.

Drafting an ultra aggressive composition, and despite adverse action on the top and the midlane, Fnatic played out their strategy and got the kills in early game, bringing the gap to the 5k gold lead before the quarter of an hour. A gap that will continue to increase throughout the game, until reaching the fateful 10k bar when the Fnatic recover Baron Nashor after a superb commitment Hylissang, in the 20th minute.

Cloud 9

Credits: lolesports Flickr

Beaten flat on all the lanes, the Americans did nothing but play the game of the Europeans trying vainly to defend themselves. The score line of the first ended 18-3 in favor of Fnatic.

Game 2

Cloud 9 team was nowhere to be seen in the series. For this second match, Fnatic completely changed its strategy. No more aggression. They started on a late game composition based on Sivir / Azir, with a Jayce on the toplane to counter the Aatrox.

If Caps’ impetuosity gave the Cloud 9 a glimmer of hope in the middle of the game, it was short-lived. Finding the engagement that was needed in the 26th minute, Bwipo allowed his team to win the teamfight and recover a Baron Nashor in the process.

It will nevertheless be necessary to wait until the 32nd minute for this second match to come to an end. Baby Faker amazes the crowd with a magnificent play with his Azir who, in addition to recovering a quad kill, got a two game lead for his team in the World championships.

Game 3

This third and last game followed more or less the same pattern as the second. Seeing that their opponents seemed mentally exhausted and they could not get in to the rhythm since the start of this Bo5, Fnatic started on a composition with a good late game scaling.

Although Cloud 9 found more kills than the total sum of the first two games, they could not exert any pressure on the map and died just as much. The fate of the American team was sealed when Caps and Bwipo caught Licorice on the botlane in the 23rd minute, winning a Teamfight, a dragon, and the precious Baron Nashor.

Blinded in their base for the next 10 minutes, and exhausted by their opponents, Cloud 9 watched helplessly the destruction of their base.

Cloud 9

Credits: lolesports Flickr

October 28 will therefore remain a historic day for the old continent and for Fnatic who once again reach a grand final of the world championships, 7 years after their first title. Fnatic will face Invictus Gaming, the Chinese representatives, who intend to bring back a first title in China.

So will it be Fnatic or Invictus Gaming to lift the cup? Only time will tell. If this edition 2018 has taught us anything that is it is impossible to predict the winner.