Fnatic returns to a League of Legends Worlds final seven years later, after winning the season one title of Riot’s MOBA. During this period of time, the game and its entire ecosystem has changed and grown exponentially. Now, we tell you the five most notable differences in these seven years in which the Europeans have not reached the final.

The Rift

The Cursor of the Summoner has undergone a great renovation at the graphic level. The lanes, the jungle, the champions and the interface have undergone considerable modifications so that this MOBA is the esport king.

This cursor change is one of the most evident changes, since technology in recent years is evolving by leaps and bounds. What will the game bring us in the future? The time and goals of Riot Games with League of Legends will dictate it.

Our Champions

Riot Games has ‘squeezed’ its head to increase the range of characters in League of Legends and improve some of the classic champions with more than one rework. In that first edition of the World Cup, there were only 76 champions, since the company deactivated several characters during the event.

League of legends

Credits: Riot Games

At present there are 141 different champions, and the only Rework not available at this World Cup is that of Ezreal.

Our Stars

Very few stars are still performing from season one. Paul ‘sOAZ’ Boyer and Jiliang ‘Doublelift’ Peng are the two main veterans of the game who remain active. The Frenchman will be in the final on Saturday, although we do not know today if he will play a map given the high level of the starlet Gabriel ‘Bwipo’ Rau .

The Servers

The MOBA has expanded around the planet at cruising speed, achieving an essential globalization in the esports. Regions such as South Korea, China, Japan, Oceania or South Latin America did not have official servers. Something that has changed today. The game currently has official servers in virtually all regions of the planet.

Korea has been the main reference in League of Legends for the last seven years. The servers were installed in the Korean region since the start of season 2 of Worlds.

Worlds 2018

Credits: The Game Haus

The Format

In the Season 1 of Worlds, the winner of the group went directly to the semifinals, while the second and the third in the group played another round to be among the four best. In the event of a tie, the third place was for the team that got the most kills, since they only played one game with each one of the members of their group.

In recent years, the groups (4) and teams (16) that participate in the competition have doubled, as well as adding a Play-In phase that decides the last four tickets to the group stage and also gives opportunities to minority regions appear in the international showcase of the game.

We can’t even imagine how the format will be our next 7 years but rest assured Riot will have fantastic plans for its MOBA title.